niedziela, 7 czerwca 2015


Last four days was awesome! and I truly feel that way guys, I spend my long weekend with the friends and my handsome boyfriend, we spend friday in the gardens enjoying the best sunny weather ever we felt that we just need to charge some positive sun energy to our bodies because this school year was just sucks.
finally I can tell that I feel really great and satisfied of life we have right now there is much to do I been keeping in mind by whole weekend that "WE HAVE LONG WEEKEND SO STOP WORRIED!" and I been try, Lucas have more problems with that but anyway friday no matter what was fun, next day we decided to grab some friends to our reddish car and go somewhere because believe me or not we had 86 degrees around here! so june jump in our lives right now and we just couldn't stop ourselves to spend saturday near the lake at the beach and let's be honest what would be better?
Sunday was lazy and full of typical actions Lucas and I back home, by whole afternoon I been unpacking and preparing for monday and that's clear and obvious that today I hate mondays more than ever I just don't know what to do next there is so many things that wait for me and I change my mind almost all the time so in result there is nothing done here and life just need to wait till I stop relaxing and my brain came back from beach to normal thinking about most important stuff and school ;) Anyway hope my post is not too messy to understand what I got for you today there is few photos from the weekend below ( most of them I take by my phone if someone is interesting ) + a little movie and yeah for now it's everything. Have a good evening my friends!