czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2016


If you are a girl you absolutely understand this need and bless which wine is especially after hard day/week/month etc. Maybe because of wine I'm writing this post so... because I wasn't really active around here lately I decided to gave you another update of my life and some advices or whatever you want to call it if you are intrested ( give me one favour and have fun and laugh with me about this post )

Wine is not good enough to save me from frustration on my internet issues

I'm writing another posts which should be up as soon as possible so stay tuned

Remember do never forget to stretch after workout especially if you don't want to feel like old lady by next few days

Remember to always check twice what you are clicking on your computer because your all day long work will dissapear in a few seconds

I just got an email about my summer job and everything look well so if you planning to spend your time in Spain let me know :)

My kind of mood hope yours too CLICK

Thank good for translator and spelling check you know WINE is sometimes just too good

Ok I will go for another glass and I will enjoy this evening as possible hope you as well see you in the next one!

środa, 20 kwietnia 2016


Sometimes I woke up alone and I'm scared that all of those two years of laughing, travelling, exploring and cuddling just never happened and were a dream, and maybe it is a dream but absolutely real and I'm grateful for every second of this adventure.

We have been through so many things together but I can't wait what another year have for us.

How I could be so lucky to call you my best friend and share everything with you? I love you so for making every day something different and making my life better and better and better

Love you.

Ps. we are continuing our anniversary photo booth tradition check out previous one by -> CLICK

wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2016


There is cloudy and freezing day in the city today. I sat in my bed an hour ago when I back from school and till now I was sitting and just breathing and listening to absolute quiet in home. I never was a type that like sitting in dark and quiet space that was my fear even when I fall a sleep I have to to turn on my tv because I just hate that feeling of loneliness in my space but at least that was much need now I think.

After such a hard day when nothing turns right and seems like every plan I had just fall I was needed to breathe it was hard because of my runny nose, paper work that is growing in front of me because of this mountain of dishes that waits to finally be cleaned up and this chaos in my room that is growing and almost covering me.

I turned off my phone covered the windows and I started to scrolling my old photos and videos and it seems like I was laughing for the first time in a few days and that makes me cry. Maybe it's just a woman thing or my thing to acting like that so maybe that's ok.

Back to the point that was a moment when I started talking to myself on those photos and videos and I realize that I'm this person on this screen I'm happy and lucky to have have this messy, unorganized and absolutely chaotic un perfect but beautiful life and I created a little note to myself in future to always remember that.

Dear future self,

Stop being sad and mad on life, you can do whatever you want and nothing can stop you. Every Time when you feel overwhelmed remember that you have an awesome family to laugh with, an amazing boyfriend who loves you and tells you that everyday, you have friends and passion that's everything you need. That's the perfect life and it's yours take it and go. Do never forget about this.

your happy self

sobota, 9 kwietnia 2016


2016 is time for new challenges and changes. I officially said I'm moving and the date is closer and closer.  Since last year I'm planning and visualising how my place should look like especially that I will share my space with Lucas more then ever so it's another deal that is just a bit overwhelming for me now.

Anyway fresh start is something I love most, at the beginning I have so much energy and ideas I just can't wait to fall a sleep in such a beautiful space like in those above. I will not miss my current apartment and I'm so excited to get the challenge and create my small place to make this my own and Lucas as well.

New home is also a big excuse for me to put on the blog a billion posts and ideas about interiors, details and my style. There will be lots of informations so stay tuned!

If you have any ideas or recommendations about decorating a room space feel free to comment below can't wait for your advices!

wtorek, 5 kwietnia 2016


Lou Schoof:

I'm kinda late with this post but I think there is never too late to share some good favourites so let's get it started!

1| If you look for some inspiration and some goodies just ( click )

2| I'm no 1 fan of hands on hands if you know what I mean ( click )

3| Soon I will post an update of my new project called home, I will decorate this small space of mine it is best adventure yet and I can't wait to show you all results for now I can show you this beautiful item I fall in love in that color and design I need it so if you know where I can buy it just let me know ( click )

4| Speaking about interiors how much do I want to live in this space? ( click )

5| Ok just ( click ) in this and do not judge

6| I feel like a broken tape but I really like to watch it hope you as well because here is another video of carpool karaoke this time with J.lo is it strange that she always seem to me be like cold lady and I have such a negative feelings about her but now while I watch this video I realized that she is funny, smart and she can sing beautifully well i guess it's karaoke magic ( click )

7| I'm obsessed about retro style lately and this photoshoot or how to call it is just perfectly beautiful wish to be on them someday and have such a beautiful style also check out this amazing blogger I follow her for such a while and I'm so impressed how individual she is and how good taste she have ( click )

8| Spring is here so I think about some changes especially in my look and I dream about this type of hairstyle and color what you think?  ( click )

9| Wish to be in DC just for a second only to see those in real absolutely breathtaking ( click )

10| Wish to know french, I'm obsessed with this song lately ( click )