czwartek, 25 lutego 2016


How selfish it sounds? haha
At the beginning of the month I was scrolling instagram wall as always and I discovered profile that inspired me to create this post. I took the challenge and over the past 25 days loved myself like never before.

The whole idea of creating challenge like that is well known by all of us because who never tried to love ownself a bit more? at least I decided to share my experiences with this challenge over here and I wish it will inspire you to do your own and love yourself a bit more everyday.

This is my way to show my love to myself also my way to do this challenge if you need more informations or stories of others just CLICK and feel inspired. Every month is worth to love yourself little more!

Tell us something about yourself!  ( This is main theme of the whole challenge )

I'm Kinga also known as Lovemosey the main creator of the blog and vlog channel on the same title. I'm daughter to the coolest people on the planet, soul sister to the best human this world has, friend to the funniest people, girlfriend to my soulmate, artist for own good and future generations. I believe in power of positive thoughts, wildlife and dreams.

Was there a time when you struggled with loving yourself?

My struggle with accepting myself began after primary school. Changing school and the pressure to fit into the environment much changed me.
My new friends unconsciously exerted pressure on me to be someone I personally didn't like. I felt worse when I compared to friends I always seemed to looked modest, younger and boys didn't pay attention on me and worse my jokes weren't funny. By next three years I hated myself and I had the impression that every girl is better than me, I kept saying to myself that I'm still this sad little girl who doesn't fit into any team.
That's why I didn'tt eat, I changed style every week, and I tried to be the best version of the person who fit into all these cool people from my school.

What motivated you to change/how did you begin the journey to loving yourself?

For a long time I couldn't look into the eyes of others. When I first fell in love I couldn't tell the person what I feel because I felt stupid with my own feelings. I was so insecure and still hated what I see in the mirror.
Everything changed when I started to surf the internet and found my passion in sharing on the blog what I love the most. I started going to the gym three times a week, eat better and see that in a way I'm beautiful and different and there are people who appreciate it and most importantly, each day I saw something worth to enjoy and share with the world.

Very helpful was the self-expression professionally, become somebody I like and I would like to be friends with, I changed my team and devoted myself to work on my life and passion which today is the most important for me and makes me more joyful and makes me feel confident with each others.

Making movies and writing gave me the feeling that I'm good in something and I wanted to show that my work speak for me, from those little changes made me feel more confident with myself and I fall in love in what I see .

Are there things you do everyday to promote a positive body image of love yourself more?

I feel much better and love myself more after good exercising so I try workout few times in a week also I feel really positive while I create, work and do something for myself and others. Also I feel really good while I share positive energy, laugh and smile ( Ps people with positive energy around me are really helpful too, good company teach me to love my personality even more )

What has been the most powerful thing you've done to change your perspective to love yourself more?

I started to listen people while they try to help me, I learned how to keep complements and I always look critical on my work and feel really proud while I made something good in my opinion.

But the most powerful thing for me was understanding that no matter how much I would try to be someone who I saw in the internet or in the magazines I will always be myself and that's ok because I'm different and that's my biggest value and power.

There is much more questions that everyone should ask oneself on the small seed site and much more inspirational stories of others check them out and feel inspired to change yourself for good.
Wish you all a good day/evening/night and hope I will talk to you very soon!

Ps. This is not a partnership or advertisement post