środa, 10 lutego 2016


Those days were a bit intensive and for the first time in months I was such busy and I have so much life that I was bit overwhelmed about it but I kinda like it as you probably know. Anyway by those days I was quite focused on my friends and my rockin self side and I felt so cool and young and those few awesome days and those less awesome hangovers where worth to go out from my comfort zone.

I was working as well I still try really hard to get my apprenticeship if there exist word like this (?!) anyway I'm also trying to get job in summer but more about this when my plans will rock more in life then on the papers now I'm all about preparing for upcoming party!

Next friday I will set a party actually my birthday party for the first time ever with the whole team which means for all my close friends in same time! I'm crazy about plans and meetings I just can't wait. For now I'm working for another videos which will be able to watch on Saturday or Sunday at 6 p.m I don't clearly know.

Because of success of STORY video ( Thank you all my friends for such a good support and love those hundred views means a world too me now I know it's not so much but it is a first little step and note for me too keep doing my job that way and having fun form that ) I'm quite obsessed about creating and I have million plans and adventures to create so stay tuned. 
I feel like I totally forgot about being blogger those days and I just keep focusing on making videos but I will care for my blog too so in the mean while before I show you my birthday video and a little surprise check out my blog for some cool stuff like billion pictures and selfies and other stuff form life lately!.

For now it will be everything but I will talk to you very soon! Bye!

PS. If you miss my newer video or you can't find it just CLICK and enjoy!
PPS. This photo above was taken by me year ago and I love this so so much and I just can't wait for spring already!