środa, 27 lipca 2016


Since I remember I was traveler. My mama told me that when I was a little girl I was always climbing on the rocks or trees and pretend that I'm in high mountains, that I always keep saying that one day I will travel around the world. I'm still that little girl I think. I don't remember times when I wanted to stay in place, I never felt seetled to any place I lived in, I moved probably twenty times in my life and I still can't find my place. I started to belive there is no place like home for me because I saw only a part of the world.

For a two months now I live in Spain, that's the best decision I ever made in life. I met the best people I saw something different, I have fun I live my life. I already plan to move again and again. I plan to see, to enjoy and document all of the adventures even those little ones.

I believe that every day brings something different, everyday is a story and have a meaning. I learned to enjoy small things and think about them like about life changing moments. My favourite part of my life now is share the moments with people I love and having fun with them. I only have one day off per week so there is not much time to travel here but at least we try and I use to enjoy every second in our rented car, with our backpacks, music and jokes.

Few days back my friends from TURO ( Turo is currently available only in the US and Canada, so I encourage my North American readers to check their website They are a cheaper option compared to traditional rental car service, and Turo's car are just perfect for a road trip! ) gave my opportunity to share those thoughts and my own playlist of songs that I usually enjoy while travel so here is just a few of my favs, I hope you gonna enjoy it and have fun on your next trip!

1| Nora en Pure - Come with me ( Original mix )
2| Adele - Hello
3| The weeknd - The hills
4| Years & Years - Desire
5| Lorde - Tennis court ( Flume remix )
6| Rufus - Sundream
7| Matt Simons - Catch & Release
8| Ella Eyre - Why don't have to take our clothes off
9| Duke Dumont - Ocean drive
10| Beyonce - Hold up
11| Birdy - Wild horses

See you soon! xo

środa, 20 lipca 2016


It's nearly a two months since I'm gone. But now I'm back again.

It took a time to get to this point I'm right now, but I'm ready for new chapter. Since 9th of July I live on Menorca island in Spain, between working I live my dream and I enjoy summer of my life. Life couldn't be more perfect now.

By past months everything changed it was so quick that just now I started to realize how many things are different and strange. I had to use to changes. I like them now.

Be ready for this adventure and for a lot of photos and videos which coming soon!

Ps. Don't be worry this photo is not taken in Spain I'm not cold here haha