środa, 11 stycznia 2017


Well probably I'm not the best in counting or something but it last few long months since I was here and I was really dummy to think that somebody will know my new stage or plans like you are reading my mind and I'm sorry for this... Anyway if you are new here or not don't worry I'm not that bad blogger and I post frequently but on my other new site if you are curious why I changed site and what I'm up to now and in general what is going on just click in this link and enjoy the ride!

czwartek, 1 września 2016


Days are passing through, there is only 21 days till I finally can sleep in my own bed, hug my favourite mug of coffee and miss this amazing place that I use to call home for a few months now.  I really love his stage of my life, after three months of battle with myself and others I found my peace and comfort zone. Everything calm down, I found the balance, my own rythm and I feel good as never.

I remember the day I was on the airport and I asked myself what the fuck I'm doing (?!) It's seems for me like ages ago I thought I put everything on one card and I decided to let it be and enjoy it. I couldn't imagine that I would change that much and my way of living, also I couldn't imagine that when I back home everything will also change. When you are so away from everything that you call life and is so important for you, time is not stoping everything is still going the same rythm but your perspective is changing your people are changing and when you back you are in different space and it use to scare me a lot.

I texted my mom few days back to ask her if she have time to talk she said "Sunshine I'm in Paris what happend?" I started to laugh it's my typical mama always on the go and then I just realize she is really in Paris, my daddy is probably finishing home, my friends are on another festival and I'm here in Spain away from everything what I use to know and love. 

But there are moments like this now, absolutely peaceful and amazing like a minute for me on my little balcony with mug of coffee, my blog and music just for me and this view on palm trees and most adorable city I saw in life when I'm just alone doing my own when I can be myself in my old sweatsuit, top knot on my head and sun on my face I just realize this is my life which I love, I think I dont want to back to my previous life, because my life is here this is my balcony, my view, my sun and my tiny flat where I wish to spend all my days under comfy blanket with someone special. Life is all about perfection lately. I realize how lucky I'm to be here and call it my messy life. I wish nothing more to press stop button and just stay here forever.

I know there will be more moments like this, new stages and new adventures but for now I wish to stay here in my own world which I create, I wish to stay the person I'm right now a little bit hippie, messy and absolutely happy in my new cool life. It's definitely my favourite stage of life.

wtorek, 9 sierpnia 2016



I know it's been a while since I was here for real and talk to you guys. I had really emotional and hard time in my life, but now I'm ready to introduce to all of you my story and new chapter in my life.

What I have been through?

I moved to Spain, I think this was definitely emotional roller coaster I just struggled with a lot of things, feelings and people but I can say that, it was definitely highlight of my life and I know that was the best decision I ever made. I'm happy here, I feel like in home, I found love, I met the best people at the world I work and I have fun. Everyday is new adventure and party and that's how I want to live now.

I spend last two months on searching who am I, what I like, and what I want. I'm on the good way to find the answers for now I just enjoy everyday, I left all the boundaries and lines. It's much easier when I try to live by my own. It was weird at the beginning to realize that there is nobody to tell my what to do, listen or watch over me. I like it now, I grown up a bit I had to find the ways for me and sometimes be adult and take the responsibility for my own.

That was good for me especially after break up I just needed to take my mind away from this subject and focus on myself and my life and I made it, now I'm ok.

Now I look for another apartment, it will be my 6th time for me moving on the island and that's kinda rough but I'm not happy in place I live now I just don't feel like on right place, I need my own space, my privacy, my comfort zone.

So many things in only two months crushed my from inside and made my feel tired and overwhelmed all this time, I was out of my body for a longest while, I tried to work, write or create and nothing was like I wanted so that makes me feel even worst in my own skin but now fuck it because I'm back and I feel better then ever.

środa, 27 lipca 2016


Since I remember I was traveler. My mama told me that when I was a little girl I was always climbing on the rocks or trees and pretend that I'm in high mountains, that I always keep saying that one day I will travel around the world. I'm still that little girl I think. I don't remember times when I wanted to stay in place, I never felt seetled to any place I lived in, I moved probably twenty times in my life and I still can't find my place. I started to belive there is no place like home for me because I saw only a part of the world.

For a two months now I live in Spain, that's the best decision I ever made in life. I met the best people I saw something different, I have fun I live my life. I already plan to move again and again. I plan to see, to enjoy and document all of the adventures even those little ones.

I believe that every day brings something different, everyday is a story and have a meaning. I learned to enjoy small things and think about them like about life changing moments. My favourite part of my life now is share the moments with people I love and having fun with them. I only have one day off per week so there is not much time to travel here but at least we try and I use to enjoy every second in our rented car, with our backpacks, music and jokes.

Few days back my friends from TURO ( Turo is currently available only in the US and Canada, so I encourage my North American readers to check their website They are a cheaper option compared to traditional rental car service, and Turo's car are just perfect for a road trip! ) gave my opportunity to share those thoughts and my own playlist of songs that I usually enjoy while travel so here is just a few of my favs, I hope you gonna enjoy it and have fun on your next trip!

1| Nora en Pure - Come with me ( Original mix )
2| Adele - Hello
3| The weeknd - The hills
4| Years & Years - Desire
5| Lorde - Tennis court ( Flume remix )
6| Rufus - Sundream
7| Matt Simons - Catch & Release
8| Ella Eyre - Why don't have to take our clothes off
9| Duke Dumont - Ocean drive
10| Beyonce - Hold up
11| Birdy - Wild horses

See you soon! xo

środa, 20 lipca 2016


It's nearly a two months since I'm gone. But now I'm back again.

It took a time to get to this point I'm right now, but I'm ready for new chapter. Since 9th of July I live on Menorca island in Spain, between working I live my dream and I enjoy summer of my life. Life couldn't be more perfect now.

By past months everything changed it was so quick that just now I started to realize how many things are different and strange. I had to use to changes. I like them now.

Be ready for this adventure and for a lot of photos and videos which coming soon!

Ps. Don't be worry this photo is not taken in Spain I'm not cold here haha


sobota, 28 maja 2016



Gift guides are usually so useful and makes me feel all ok but they are most productive if I can even say that only posted few days before the day you actually want to gave them so I know that I'm really super late with this post because mam's day was two days ago but what is wrong in spoiling your mama everyday. Mamas have birthday, bad days and there is billion other options like just being nice to gave your mama a cute gift so hope this post will be helpful in the future and sorry to be so disorganised to always forget to post anything on time well this is me...

1| Stylish bag for work or casual meeting Zara basic Clutch $21.49 ( CLICK )
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3| Calendar or Journal to always keep good memories in one place KIKKI.K $29.15 ( CLICK )
4| Every woman love flowers ABIGAIL AHERN $102 ( CLICK )
5| Little gold jewels will stole her heart Delicate leaf $11.50 ( CLICK )
6| Mama doughter date especially ice creams date 
7| Nice postcard or photo of you both Christine Flynn, Malibu beach $189 ( CLICK )
8| My mama's favourite NYX $8 ( CLICK )
9| Matching Fuzz balls $7.50 ( CLICK )
10| Cute mug $22 ( CLICK )

środa, 18 maja 2016



Moving day is closer nad closer sad thing is that I will not be here when this day finally comes so I had to decided about all the details, packing and all that stuff sooner then later so here I go taking all my energy and strenght to somehow keep up with all of this. 

When my parents told  me a really few long months ago that we are gonna move to our home I was shock and first thing I thought was 'wow' second 'how my room gonna look like' by months I thinking and visualising how my space will look like and in what style I want to design it so I create just a few boards with all things I would love in my future space. So here is just a few of my favourite photos of things I want to include in my room and details that will make me so happy and relax in this space.

The best thing you can do at the beginning of the journey which decorating is decide what type of effect would be perfect for you I mean that you have to decide what makes you feel good in space, what you like, what kind of style and mood just suits you. I decided that I would feel like heaven in really clean but warm space where is a lot of white and wood. I tried to find some inspirations which shows a little bit of modern and retro style in same space hope it will be helpful for you if that's your style as well if it's not just keep looking internet is full of amazing inspirations for everybody, create boards of inspirations which will help you define what you like most in space.

Check out what I got and  tell me what you think in comments below!

Clean white bedroom:

I put this photo here because of my biggest dream which is king size bed in my bedroom, I have this size of bed now and I thought that I would have the same in my other room but I decided that it would be better to have just really cute couch at least I have this photo, second adorable thing is this flower which would be perfect in real life especially in my space.

Big above the bed is perfect!:

This space is not exactly in my style but I adore this effect of warmth in this space. Maybe someday I will grow to this style hope so.

Free your Wild :: Beach Boho :: Living Space :: Bedroom :: Bathroom :: Outdoor :: Decor Design :: See more Bohemian Style Home Inspiration @untamedorganica:

I fall in love in those shelves I probably will not find this type of desk but I hope to made something like this and put it in my closet for all my makeup accessories and all things that are not much needed in my living space. I also think about this fake skull hanging at the wall I like the style but I know that if I woke up in the middle of the night and I will see this I probably would die in a minute so I have to think about this twice.

a light-filled swedish home:

In here I love everything! I chose this photo because of this commode in retro style, because of white walls, climate and this strange feeling like I'm in grandma's living room.

Un fauteuil suspendu chez Broste Copenhagen:

This hanging chair is something I'm most excited to have in my room. I dream to read magazines or book while sitting in and watching landscape from my window. I imagine where I will put it and I would be really dissapointed if I not get that.

Also I think that I will choose some delicate details in the light blue just look how refreshing it looks.

regardsetmaisons: Comment rendre cosy son coin canapé avec l'arrivée de l'automne ?:

As you know if you read other captions you know that I will have couch in the middle of my room, I was thinking what kind of color and shape I want to have and the perfect one is this dark grey, really simple and natural texture couch from above if you find this just let me know.

Embrace The Collector Within | Free People Blog #freepeople:

The simplest, prettiest and absolutely perfect type of closet just hangers and clothes I'm fan it's easy and cheap and looks so good.

Basically what I'm going for with my own room. Simplicity so then you can throw in colours of flowers, bedding etc :):

I also decided to to have only simple details so all my lighting will look like this on the photo bulb is making the whole job and make this room looks so different, simple, natural and it's so easy to make.

Now you know what I'm looking in perfect space and I will make this come true soon and I will show you all before and after photos. Hope this post was helpful for you as well let me know do you like it and see you in the next one!