piątek, 23 października 2015


Being a student is sometimes ( most of the time ) a bit overwhelmed so we all need to take a break once in a while, I especially love those days when nothing is planned and everything is big adventure.

Today Lucas and I spend a whole morning working on his new project and I'm so excited that I can take a part in his work but I was happier then never while we drive to a small town near the city because he wants to show me really magical place. 

Believe me this town wasn't built in your dreams and I will never be back there for no reason but their nature and climate of the lake, those yellow trees, speaking wind and those sweet gentle kisses of my man made my day. 

I love autumn so far and I hope you enjoy this season as much as you can. If you have a minute check out my new video which I uploaded minute ago and take a part in this quick adventure. Don't forget to click thumbs up if you like and subscribe if you want to see more! Enjoy!

wtorek, 13 października 2015


That was the day of my test of mental strength. I fail my driving exam AGAIN and I felt so bad that I even stop talking to Lucas for more then two hours and I know I know I'm such a lame person but I was so mad at myself and those stupid questions grr I'm still pissed off but I'm trying to do something productive to feel that I'm not a total loser. 

When I woke up this morning I knew... I just open my eyes and I was knew that this day is not my day. There was much to do, much not positive emotions, fights that I will never be use to in summary I think that I should be sleep a whole day long and all of those will  pass away but... Anyway at least this day ended up well and I feel good right now, good enough to be back with another little video which I add below so check it out if you like and that probably is everything what I'd like to say for now.

Oh and I totally forgot mention something about those few photos above. Those are my memories in pill from seaside (more in the video) I absolutely adore them all there is a lot of smile, food and all positive vibes in them as I hope you see too. Just look at this view I had for those three days of my life! I wanna back so badly :'(

As I write in description of my newest little video I finally got some time to put all my videos from our few days trip with girls. It's our farewell to summer and now I'm ready for autumn for real. There is few hilarious snippets of us doing stuff like never before and it's absolutely best part of the video also my best memories form summer. Hope you are gonna enjoy as I while I watch and you will click thumbs up if you like subscribe if you want to see more also there is a little corner below for all your comments hope I gonna see you there!

Hope your day was better than mine and all is good for now I will wrap it up and see you next time! Bye friends!

niedziela, 4 października 2015


Oh if you could see my face right now...
Since I woke up this morning I'm so unproductive that it's even shocking for me, I'm trying since then to create this little post and I can't count how many times I deleted and write again those few sentences.

As you noticed I'm back, there was two months of my social media break actually I was really active on my instagram if you'd like to see but I take a break of blog and I feel like it was much needed for me and this space. Now I have so many things to share that I don't even know what to add first.
I decided to share with you some of my latest memories because they gets me enough to change a lot of stuff in my thinking.

Before I say something about those memories that you can see on the photos above I like to say something about this absolutely manic day that sunday was. I woke up at 7 a.m and that was heart breaking then I went to the gym but I felt so bad that I have to back home, I been trying all day to create something what will have any sense and I really really been hard working on my productive side but nothing works and those few minutes now are absolutely big step for me today. Anyway I been working on a little videos from my quick trip which I share with my schoolmates more about this soon...

1/ So let's start from my absolutely favourite picture ever and I know it's a bit selfish because it's myself on it and I'm in love but who cares? Lucas took this photo of me yesterday when we back home from furniture festival where I was looking for some inspirations anyway we ate those grapefruits in really weird way but I have so much fun with this also they look so cute that I have to pose with them and it made my day for real. Oh summer is still here when I look at this. Oh grapefruits are my new friends especially while selfie time! :P

2/ That was the first day when all three of us went from school earlier, yes that was bad I know but we just can't wait to finally start our girly weekend! We came to my apartment, I cook dinner and girls said that was good and tasty so maybe there is a chance that this whole cooking is going in good direction! then we made a SPA moment and prepare for the partyyyyy, we spend a WHOLE night in the club and I felt like my legs are gonna go by himself after and just die somewhere alone but no, I Just have soreness by next two days but that was worth it! PS how cute A. look on this photo?!

3/ Friend of Lucas got me a weekend job and look in how gorgeous direction I was, I live in this city for almost eight years and I don't know about this secret garden also notice that this day was so warm and sunny almost like spring so maybe autumn will never came and spring/summer season will last forever?

4/ This is an oldie which Lucas took while we spend a few hours in his family home and I have to say I love this shoot almost so much like this lil doggy that was somewhere there in the bottom of the picture I will show you all, Abby other day I promise!

That would be enough for now hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I wish you peaceful night!
See ya next time friends!