piątek, 23 października 2015


Being a student is sometimes ( most of the time ) a bit overwhelmed so we all need to take a break once in a while, I especially love those days when nothing is planned and everything is big adventure.

Today Lucas and I spend a whole morning working on his new project and I'm so excited that I can take a part in his work but I was happier then never while we drive to a small town near the city because he wants to show me really magical place. 

Believe me this town wasn't built in your dreams and I will never be back there for no reason but their nature and climate of the lake, those yellow trees, speaking wind and those sweet gentle kisses of my man made my day. 

I love autumn so far and I hope you enjoy this season as much as you can. If you have a minute check out my new video which I uploaded minute ago and take a part in this quick adventure. Don't forget to click thumbs up if you like and subscribe if you want to see more! Enjoy!