niedziela, 15 listopada 2015


I been really busy this week so notes here or pictures on instagram was on the bottom of my list things to do and as you see they don't take my attention for while. Now when everything calm down and I have time for breath I decided to create a new category on the blog called "A bit of beats" once in a while I will share some pics from lately and my current activities and mood. Lucas is a big part of my everyday life so don't be surprised to see his pictures in this section as well.

Both of us are absolutely thrilled about everything what is on our way in next two months. I even create a calendar in my mind of things I wait the most. Stay prepared for lots of posts, vlogs and pictures of us because we are absolutely ready for December and January celebrations!

Starting from photo above which I adore so much ( just look at Lucas face he look so damn cute doesn't it? He pretend to hate it because while i took it he show me what dumb face a did minute ago " You looked like you have a paralyzed face I will show you" and he did and that's the result haha Obviously we spend most of our afternoon that day on looking for perfect dress for me. My friend form home town had his eighteen birthday ( happy birthday again ) and I was absolutely unprepared for that. Lucas stay home for this weekend because of his work so I was going to party alone. That wasn't as easy like it sound I spend an hour of the evening trying to get to know someone because I saw those people for the first time in my life, After time and few drinks I felt more friendly and I turn on my party mode so rest of the night was really nice. ( If you are wondering if I bought this gold skirt above I have to say no because I wasn't feel comfortable enough in so I decided to go in my old time fav which I bought especially for Lucas's birthday last year ) I didn't took any picture that night so that would be everything about.
Month back the three of us found one of the most climatic restaurant near our school and we decided to gave it a try the results you can see above those absolutely simple creations on our plates and banana smiles on our faces speaks for us. I love those easy going afternoons just for us girls I think no one understands me better then other girls and I always will wait for their opinions because they are life changing also there is no one smarter and funnier than them so our meetings are always on the top of my fav things to do after school. Girls I wait for another date soon!
I will not be myself if I not post any image of autumn in the city so here it is! one of my favourite spots for date in the best shade I ever seen. Lucas took me for a date month back and I even create a video of that which you can see by click HERE or just go on my youtube channel anyway I fall in love in the space also I wait for another date down there in other season just be patient for that I will share some of our adventures hopefully soon!

nd this sweet little puppy which belongs to Lucas's mother I love this little monkey even my allergy is not appearing by his side the funniest thing is that it's a cute little boy with a cute girly name Abby and I like to laugh when I hear this because this poor little dog is so gender now doesn't it?
On the left one of those pictures which are not very often in the internet if we talking about us. While volleyball game which Lucas take part in our friend took this photo and I fall in love only thing which I miss by this photo is mistletoe which you all know I adore!

If we talking about mistletoe CHRISTMAS ARE COMING you all know that there is never too soon to talk about christmas so here is the first post about that. I'm counting days till december before first star we will celebrating Lucas's birthday and pre-christmas party so here we go... Also some of you can recognize this little photo of my favourite smells of christmas which are definitely the best part of this season I took this picture last year and till today I love the same things and this instagram photo is still the proof
 Most of lately last by shopping, school and those lazy moments a like this on the right. We felt lately really tired so most of our dates looks like this or we have been just sleeping by few hours and I kinda love that and will do this over and over again
 Oh we got to this awful point which is really tough for me and I feel really ashamed about that, as you probably know I was trying to pass my theory driving test and I was trying to do that by few times and when I finally did and I drive for while I register to my final driving exam which included driving by the city. On the Friday 13th I went into the car and I was driving by half of hour and I felt extra confident till I have to park that was my last exam task and I fail by not turn on the blinker two times and I feel so dumb to forget about it ooh I feel so bad anyway I have another shoot next week so I hope I will be able to boast that I pass so cross your fingers!

If you noticed some of things changed on the blog lately and I love new layout ( hope this time for longer ) also don't forget to check out some of other new things on the blog and enjoy whatever you found!

It's good to be back here with bunch of photos for you guys there is a lot in common so stay tuned for more also I hope you have the best weekend yet and see you next time! bye