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Gift guides are usually so useful and makes me feel all ok but they are most productive if I can even say that only posted few days before the day you actually want to gave them so I know that I'm really super late with this post because mam's day was two days ago but what is wrong in spoiling your mama everyday. Mamas have birthday, bad days and there is billion other options like just being nice to gave your mama a cute gift so hope this post will be helpful in the future and sorry to be so disorganised to always forget to post anything on time well this is me...

1| Stylish bag for work or casual meeting Zara basic Clutch $21.49 ( CLICK )
2| Perfumes are aways a good way BYREDO INFLORESCENCE EAU DE PARFUM $120 ( CLICK )
3| Calendar or Journal to always keep good memories in one place KIKKI.K $29.15 ( CLICK )
4| Every woman love flowers ABIGAIL AHERN $102 ( CLICK )
5| Little gold jewels will stole her heart Delicate leaf $11.50 ( CLICK )
6| Mama doughter date especially ice creams date 
7| Nice postcard or photo of you both Christine Flynn, Malibu beach $189 ( CLICK )
8| My mama's favourite NYX $8 ( CLICK )
9| Matching Fuzz balls $7.50 ( CLICK )
10| Cute mug $22 ( CLICK )

środa, 18 maja 2016



Moving day is closer nad closer sad thing is that I will not be here when this day finally comes so I had to decided about all the details, packing and all that stuff sooner then later so here I go taking all my energy and strenght to somehow keep up with all of this. 

When my parents told  me a really few long months ago that we are gonna move to our home I was shock and first thing I thought was 'wow' second 'how my room gonna look like' by months I thinking and visualising how my space will look like and in what style I want to design it so I create just a few boards with all things I would love in my future space. So here is just a few of my favourite photos of things I want to include in my room and details that will make me so happy and relax in this space.

The best thing you can do at the beginning of the journey which decorating is decide what type of effect would be perfect for you I mean that you have to decide what makes you feel good in space, what you like, what kind of style and mood just suits you. I decided that I would feel like heaven in really clean but warm space where is a lot of white and wood. I tried to find some inspirations which shows a little bit of modern and retro style in same space hope it will be helpful for you if that's your style as well if it's not just keep looking internet is full of amazing inspirations for everybody, create boards of inspirations which will help you define what you like most in space.

Check out what I got and  tell me what you think in comments below!

Clean white bedroom:

I put this photo here because of my biggest dream which is king size bed in my bedroom, I have this size of bed now and I thought that I would have the same in my other room but I decided that it would be better to have just really cute couch at least I have this photo, second adorable thing is this flower which would be perfect in real life especially in my space.

Big above the bed is perfect!:

This space is not exactly in my style but I adore this effect of warmth in this space. Maybe someday I will grow to this style hope so.

Free your Wild :: Beach Boho :: Living Space :: Bedroom :: Bathroom :: Outdoor :: Decor Design :: See more Bohemian Style Home Inspiration @untamedorganica:

I fall in love in those shelves I probably will not find this type of desk but I hope to made something like this and put it in my closet for all my makeup accessories and all things that are not much needed in my living space. I also think about this fake skull hanging at the wall I like the style but I know that if I woke up in the middle of the night and I will see this I probably would die in a minute so I have to think about this twice.

a light-filled swedish home:

In here I love everything! I chose this photo because of this commode in retro style, because of white walls, climate and this strange feeling like I'm in grandma's living room.

Un fauteuil suspendu chez Broste Copenhagen:

This hanging chair is something I'm most excited to have in my room. I dream to read magazines or book while sitting in and watching landscape from my window. I imagine where I will put it and I would be really dissapointed if I not get that.

Also I think that I will choose some delicate details in the light blue just look how refreshing it looks.

regardsetmaisons: Comment rendre cosy son coin canapé avec l'arrivée de l'automne ?:

As you know if you read other captions you know that I will have couch in the middle of my room, I was thinking what kind of color and shape I want to have and the perfect one is this dark grey, really simple and natural texture couch from above if you find this just let me know.

Embrace The Collector Within | Free People Blog #freepeople:

The simplest, prettiest and absolutely perfect type of closet just hangers and clothes I'm fan it's easy and cheap and looks so good.

Basically what I'm going for with my own room. Simplicity so then you can throw in colours of flowers, bedding etc :):

I also decided to to have only simple details so all my lighting will look like this on the photo bulb is making the whole job and make this room looks so different, simple, natural and it's so easy to make.

Now you know what I'm looking in perfect space and I will make this come true soon and I will show you all before and after photos. Hope this post was helpful for you as well let me know do you like it and see you in the next one!

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1| My name is Kinga and I'm 19
2| I live in south Poland
3| I'm on third year in high school at operation of ports and terminals 
4| I'm working on being designer in the future
5| I am 5 feet and 4.56 inches tall
6| In my life I was moving probably more than 10 times but less then 20
7| I love exploring another cultures and places 
8| I'm working on travel the world for now I have been in Africa, Greece, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Canary Islands and several places abroad but near Poland
9| My dream is New york city, bora bora and Australia
10| I have one tattoo made almost year ago on my ribs ( lavender by the way )
11| Wish to have lots of tattoos and a few more pircings
12| I'm messy and disorganised person
13| I LOVE FOOD AND WINE I also love jellies, chocolate and fries
14| I watched almost 1000 movies ( or I just remember that much ) and less then 100 shows
15| I'm obsessed about tv I guess I should let it go for while
16| If I love something I can watch it over and over again
17| Once in a month I choose one song that I listen over and over again till it's dead
18| I'm obsessed with artists and people with passion
19| I hate being surrounded by negativity and hate
20| I love reading but I don't have much time for it
21| Yes I still live with my parents
22| Yes we are moving to our own big home
23| Yes I designed my own space
24| Usually you can find me in my pajamas
25| I cried at most of movies I saw in my life
26| My favourite season is Summer
27| I just hate freezing my butt
28| From months I'm trying to watch breaking bad
29| My favourite tv serises would be 'The carrie diaries' 'Pretty little liars' and 'Two and a half man'
30| I like watch such a dumb things
31| I love dialogues in BIG BANG THEORY and Sheldon obviously
32| I'm obsessed with shoes and bags but mostly shoes
33| My lipstick collection is still growing I mostly collect nude colors but I don't use them often because I forget that I have them
34| I wish to speak multiple languages
35| I wish to have long hair
36| I love sparkles
37| my favourite color is gold
38| I have a lot of mother's and grandma's clothes in my closed
39| Love retro style especially old fancy cars
40| I hate making selfies
41| I love watching Lucas while he sleeps ( freaking scary )
42| I'm working on being more fit and healthy
43| I freaking love avocado
44| I'm obsessed about tea with milk
45| I have the biggest collection of magazines in my room
46| I have a tone of books that are unread and waiting for me
47| I love plants by the way and I wish to have a botanical garden in my room
48| I'm obsessed with sephora I could literally live there
49| I'm thinking about cut my hair once again but I like those long braids
50| Every single day I'm creating, writing and recording I can't live without it

niedziela, 15 maja 2016


There is no fun in perfection.
sundays are my favourite. this is special time in a whole week when we woke up late noon we eat breakfast in bed while watching comedies in our pajamas. By last month and a half we spend every weekend together and most of them seems to look same full of work in garden, laugh with friends and family, planning another week and just normal life. Not everyday was perfect there was some fights and madness and lot of mess but that's what I called unperfect perfection which I adore so much.

For most of us those weekends where we are doing normal stuff like cleaning or watching tv is something so usual that is almost forgettable and absolutely underestimated but those small moments which we share together are something what I love and I want to remember most.

I will be in home less then a month now and I know that I will miss most those simple and small moments form everyday life like suprising kisses, smiles, my garden and talk with my loves, unexpected friends visits, even cleaning my tiny apartment or watching friends in tv. That's why I start to collect my favourite moments and enjoy those unexpected ones more then ever I decided to recording more, writing more and enjoy more to have my little piece of home while I will be abroad so I decided to create those little regular posts of things I love most because I want to have them in one place every time I will need to back to those moments.

Dear Sunday,

Today is May 15th, and I'm happier then ever because laying here in my bed enjoy peaceful moment with sleeping Lucas his little smiles by sleep everytime I kiss his forehead while writing this melt my heart.

We adore you sunday because you are always good excuse to sleep well, eat well and watch cartoons together all day in our pajamas sometimes talking about our little escape which our garden is.

I put some photos in here because while I will miss my home that's what I want to see and I want to smile like I'm smiling now and I want to remember every moment of this perfect lazy day as you are.

Your biggest fan,

niedziela, 1 maja 2016


This sunday was something beyond and no matter what you will think about it I just want to say that it's ok to sit in the bathtop and cry, it's ok to sing at loud melancholic songs about love while drinking wine from tea cup and it's ok to feel ok with it if that makes you relief and happy because that's how I feel now and it's all OK.

By last few months I was feel like I'm out of my body and I'm watching everything what is going in my life like a passive observer. I'm not proud of some things I have done I'm not proud of what I was doing and feeling sometimes and I'm not proud that I was getting mad that was crushing me inside step by step. 

I was believed that I'm who I'm and I was just living day by day believing that I have enaugh power and self confidence to keep up with everybody.
Now I belive that real power is to forgive self that sometimes just can't... just can't and you have doubts, you don't know what to do, you stay in point and you feel so unproductive unhealthy and uninspired it's ok because the best way is to just gave self time and peaceful moment. I realize that sometimes I just need to breath I don't have to fight with walls I just can sit in the bathtop and cry and laugh on those thoughts which are crossing my mind and can't create even a little sentence. 

I think the power is to have enaugh confidence to speak at loud that I'm not feeling well and I don't have time, energy and I'm just not in the mood it's ok to say that sometimes you are not brave you are not machine you are not thinking by billion things at once sometimes you are just a girl in the bathtop singing 'All by myself' like a Bridget and laughing on how fun you sometimes can be.

Sundays are great just because thoughts like this sometimes are crossing and creating sort of post like that and can be readed by you. I like sundays because they are mine and are just OK. This is my perfect moment and what's yours? don't forget to tell me in the comments or somewhere.

Ps. Does you have that feeling like my blog is written by always drinking wine old lady? Well that's ok too. But kids do not take too much wine ... at once ( Parental advisory )

See you in the next one.