niedziela, 1 maja 2016


This sunday was something beyond and no matter what you will think about it I just want to say that it's ok to sit in the bathtop and cry, it's ok to sing at loud melancholic songs about love while drinking wine from tea cup and it's ok to feel ok with it if that makes you relief and happy because that's how I feel now and it's all OK.

By last few months I was feel like I'm out of my body and I'm watching everything what is going in my life like a passive observer. I'm not proud of some things I have done I'm not proud of what I was doing and feeling sometimes and I'm not proud that I was getting mad that was crushing me inside step by step. 

I was believed that I'm who I'm and I was just living day by day believing that I have enaugh power and self confidence to keep up with everybody.
Now I belive that real power is to forgive self that sometimes just can't... just can't and you have doubts, you don't know what to do, you stay in point and you feel so unproductive unhealthy and uninspired it's ok because the best way is to just gave self time and peaceful moment. I realize that sometimes I just need to breath I don't have to fight with walls I just can sit in the bathtop and cry and laugh on those thoughts which are crossing my mind and can't create even a little sentence. 

I think the power is to have enaugh confidence to speak at loud that I'm not feeling well and I don't have time, energy and I'm just not in the mood it's ok to say that sometimes you are not brave you are not machine you are not thinking by billion things at once sometimes you are just a girl in the bathtop singing 'All by myself' like a Bridget and laughing on how fun you sometimes can be.

Sundays are great just because thoughts like this sometimes are crossing and creating sort of post like that and can be readed by you. I like sundays because they are mine and are just OK. This is my perfect moment and what's yours? don't forget to tell me in the comments or somewhere.

Ps. Does you have that feeling like my blog is written by always drinking wine old lady? Well that's ok too. But kids do not take too much wine ... at once ( Parental advisory )

See you in the next one.