środa, 12 sierpnia 2015


I don't know what I want to report to all of you but yeah I feel the need to take a part in life of this blog. Recently my blog is such a empty space and duh you all know what is going on ... grr it's makes me sad that this site which is existed by me so far is slowly dying because of time that is going so fast. I'm still in hope that someday when work gonna be over and life gonna back to normal this space is grow and live as much as it could. So I decided that if I don't have much time for writing and being here or even do something interesting in life to report to you only what I can do is just think what I can do in the future. So I'm introduce to you some exciting stuff, for real me and Lucas are working on some vlogs, we thought that if I can't writing I can make a quick vlog of my daily life what means that you will see my private life from the kitchen like a making off of my life and blog.

Also we plan some weekend trips and traveling abroad in September so then we can show you something more interesting then our faces and simply life in the city. Lately I'm just doing my job which I pretty hate right now and I'm waiting to vacations get over.

City is burning this weekend and probably we all feel like scrambled eggs here if you know what I mean, there is over 104 F (WHAT?!) so tropical!!

Probably storm is above the city if you are interested but let's stop talking about weather and focus about the project that I'm trying to make live. Soon I will start work on fashion project with one of my favourite photographers and I can't wait to show you our work and collaborations with sort of my favourite brands! So stay tuned!

That would be enough for now, have a good evening and see ya next time friends!

poniedziałek, 10 sierpnia 2015


There is a new video on my channel if you'd like to watch, there is a few snippets of my weirdo date in corn with Lucas few weeks ago. I really enjoy those few minutes for us somewhere in corn where no one watching us and care. sometimes being really far away from typical life and civilization is the best thing you can do for yourself also there is so much fun when you know that no one is near you and you can be you! so yeah we was free and dance in the corn, sing and play like only best friends can. So if you like to know what i been doing in corn and what Lucas have under his shirt you should definitely check it out now ;P

środa, 5 sierpnia 2015


If you noticed that I wasn't here for a while I'm back and ready to go a bit. My absence was absolutely conscious it was hard to decide but my social life is limited to few minutes on instagram and snapchat in week so yeah I'm almost dead in internet life. Anyway today my dream come true and for a while I can be myself and do something on the blog, it's a miracle that I back home from work earlier today in my language now it means 6 p.m so I have hour before I feel so tired that I don't even have power to eat chocolate let's back to the point because I wasn't here for more then a 2 months for real ( 2 MONTHS!! ) so I have few snippets from lately. Let me invite to to see my summary of July. Enjoy!

Speaking about summer, ,mine means hot dates near the lake almost every weekend with the friends and Lucas and it looks exactly like on the third photo and then our eyes looks exactly like on the selfies above everytime when we have time for each other to celebrate holidays. Life is still good for us!
When we start holidays in school and we have few extra free days before work with Lucas we enjoy our time in the city as possible so it means that we saw more then 20 movies in the cinema, we been shopping and looking for sales ( OK that was my pleasure and my holiday addiction ) also we took a lot of selfies because hello! we are that kind of couple Ps. this selfie above is my currently favourite does it look like from photo booth of that's my opinion?

First or second part od July was insane in this positive way first we have tropical weather over here and probably the hottest summer ever then by whole week we enjoy the biggest storms and rainy days since I remember so yeah that was my kind of weather and I felt like in heaven crazy right? Because what is better then laughing in the rain while running home with your best friend?!
Also all of my friends divide themselves into two sections on work guys and lucky vacationers so my list of friends which can meet with me after work and their work is really shore so I enjoy every of my little date like this above with my bestie since secondary school. If you feel that I hate my job you probably have right but there is a few pluses of being businesswoman probably I will never met so many different cultures and characters then on those few months of work in business company so yeah there are pluses.
This black white photo on the right is here because reminds me that I have this extra cute fedora that is waiting for me and missing me in the closet right now.

My first real weekend of summer looks like on the right I feel like ice cream cookie in the cooker but that was fun to leave the city and enjoy this crazy weather with the friends while we picnic near the lake and sunbathing ( of course carefully ) also I found me most fave short jeans which are heaven and my ( probably still fashionable ) soft pink shoes which I bought year ago in spain.

Because I work by whole week for nine of ten hours I don't have much time for Lucas or the family that's when those few free hours and little dates means so much for me. Also Lucas is extra cute when we don't see each other for most of the week so this summer is full of love and kindness and surprise kisses that I love ( maybe too much informations but what to do when kids are in love? )
Do you understand what I mean what the weather?! MONDAY : blue sky with the sweetest summer clouds TUESDAY : Poor rain but at least still is hot outside

OK that would be enough for today my loves so see ya next time and have a best summer ever.