wtorek, 22 marca 2016


Ok, Do you ever think about winning the lottery? duh! It will be so much fun having money for everything what you want. Lately I was thinking what I would do with a few millions. I would definitely go on vacation and I would buy a tickets for my family and friends for sure also I would spoil myself, my mama and grandma in real spa once in a while I would go with my godson to Disneyland, I would buy a car and apartment, share money with the family, I would do something for charity and invest rest of it in something future-proof.

Sounds fun but do not be worry nobody has won the lottery around here so I'm still poor student living with parents in small apartment. At least I'm happy, healthy and I have everything what I need most and the biggest pleasure in my life is making those faces from above every time when someone asks me 'Do I have money for something?' or 'Do I some save money already?' or 'Do I think about job?' ( creepy I know )

We all keep telling that money is not important and well it is not quite right, we work to have money for living like we want to but we waste time for work so we don't live like we want to. life is cruel sometimes. How pessimistic it sounds? here is place for hashtag adult people problems I think that mine problems are probably pretty same to yours, I don't have full time job, I'm student, and i still don't know what to do with my future it's time to shake it off and start care about some things and start be more responsible for finances especially when your wallet is almost empty.

Shall we start? Here is just a few tips I create for myself to be more responsible for my wallet, how I will be saving money this year, also how I will clean up my finances after winter hibernation and make 2016 the best financial year yet!

1| Last summer I got my first job and first ever card I felt cool and so free while I had my own money then summer ends, money as well now my financial status is not so cool and I deicded to get things done. I repaid overdraft on the card and talked about the new conditions. Now I have a clean sheet and begin to take care of my finances.

2| On the first day of spring, I returned from a business trip and I had a lot of time to think about my finances. Do you know  that sometime credit cards could help to earn money. For instance some credit cards make their customers earning a 5% cash back on every purchase they make at a gas station. Consequently, if you drive a lot to commute that credit card make you earn great money each months, and everyone love some additional income. Credit cards have endless opportunities like that and the secret is to identify the one that works best for you. The educational website Credit Card insider offers tips about rewards and credit cards in general. So why not take advantage? I introduced a few changes, and I think I already see the effects.

3| I started regularly reviewing and taking care of my finances ( once in a month ). I had a big problem with that, few months ago I got my first debt in bank it wasn't much but I don't know why I was scare to face it so it put off for later and after while my debt was bigger and bigger now I take care of it and I'm not scared of my finances any more.

4| I started saving even if it was just $10 a paycheck at first. It's the easiest way to always have money for unexpected expenses.

5| I learned how to automate my finances so I didn't have to think about them as much it's just the best feeling to always know that you have money for everything even for unexpected. taking care for finances gives you so much control on your life and gave you peace. So find your way to take care for your finances and stop to worry.

Hope this post was helpful and you will take care for your finances even today.
It's everything for now hope to see you in the next one!

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