wtorek, 1 marca 2016


edo8:    iarenikola:

On this beautiful day, first one of march I would like to share my list of faves from february you probably know what's going on in this post so shall we just start countdown?!

1| Preparing to watch Zoolander soon ( click ) also check out this chic I adore her and her style ( eclectic ) ( click )

2| Be your own valentine and do something to love yourself little more everyday ( click ) my own story ( click )

3| Lately I'm just freak about those type of videos this one is special and open my eyes to my problem and let me believe that I'm successful person ( click )

4| Everything what you have to know about event for the whole world hold breath ( click )

5| Even if you are not from Poland you have to listen to this hashtag obsessed ( click )

6| Don't care about the article still obsessed about her style here ( click )

7| Working on a new line on the blog and feeling inspired because of those photos and maybe a little hungry too ( click

8| Love This girl, love this oldie and the whole video as much as the whole show ( click )

9| Congrats to this lady and thanks so much for this beat which stuck in my mind so badly ( click)

10| The funniest video of the whole time especially because is all about my male friends haha that's how the boys rock in the club ( click )

Till the next time y'all. xo