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Well before we all sit with family to Christmas dinner We wish to send to all of you all our love and best wishes. Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS full of love and happiness. We wish all your dreams came true.
 PS don't forget what CHristmas means for real and what is the point we all celebrate today.

Kisses and love,
Kinga & Lucas

niedziela, 20 grudnia 2015


In a meanwhile between preparing to upcoming Christmas I decided to blog about some of my old time favourite traditions and those new ones that I was celebrate with Lucas by our own by those years we have been together. ( 'I' means 'We' ) We just love Christmas so much, mostly I just can't sit in a place while december is in the corner. By those years with Lucas I learned how to celebrate them in our own style and I just love how much its evolution by years and how much fun we have over and over again year by year. It's so obvious that our Christmas never ever turns the way we plan them but at least we enjoy as much as possible every little change for example last year we have been planning to share gifts and we have been changing the date a million times because there was always something which needs to take care first anyway I still waiting for my last year ugly sweater for ugly sweater party with friends I been hoping to get but who knows maybe santa will came this year...

As well I hope you will enjoy this post as I do. Check out some of my favourite traditions below ( maybe some of those are yours old time favourites or maybe there is something you wish to try - let's do it )

1st | My old time fav tradition which I countinuate from many years is walking through Christmas market. I just feel like being there means beginning Christmas for real. This year I'm quite late and probably I will go there on monday evening with Lucas. I still remember my first time when I just moved here with my parents and I went with my mama to see the lights and the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen, I still feel like a little girl while I walking through the down town. To my favorite things I can't imagine Christmas market without warm wine in special Christmas edition cups, kisses under mistletoe with Lucas and eating those warm pies with chocolate on top with nuts I just love it! I just can't wait for monday, this tradition is just the coolest!

2nd | Does putting decorating Christmas tree to list of my favorite Christmas traditions is just too obvious?! duh...

3rd | Charity. Last year We gave our breakfast to homeless in down town and we decided to do a one special thing every december This year we decided to put our names on donors of medulla there is big step form sandwiches to medulla and I still can't believe we did it Lucas is absolutely sure this choice and I feel absolutely good with thought that I can save someones live also I can found my DNA twin wich could be huge experience for both of us. Back to the point charity is good and we should be good everyday but on this special time, while Christmas let's share something more you don't have to be donor you don't have to share everything from your home just do something small to others even smile can be something special and make someones day. What a nice tradition to celebrate doesn't it?

4th | Christmas shows. My biggest dream is to see Nut cracker this Christmas and I hope I will, but for now we are addicted to watch "Ghost whisperer" and I love it maybe it's not really Christmas show but who cares that's our tradition and I love those holiday evenings while we just sit with tea and just enjoy this freaking old school and amazing show also Lucas just Love Jennifer because duh how to not love her?! Also like every year we will see "Home alone" well what a Christmas It would be without Kevin?

5th | Ice skating. actually this is activity I love to share with Lucas but usually we are on the ice for the first time in February but I think it is still Christmas tradition for us it is just continuation of celebrations for the next few months who doesn't like to celebrate Christmas till summer? For me Christmas could last whole year round.

6th | Singing Christmas carols which makes Lucas laugh.

7th | Smell of home. I don't know is it a really tradition but I just love the smell of my apartment while my mama or grandma is baking even smell of oranges, cinnamon and cloves is amazing. Then I feel Christams.

Happy holidays from us to all of you!


czwartek, 17 grudnia 2015


We live in times when social media are so close to us that sometimes we are not able to see the boundaries that we should. Many times I got myself on texting, snapping or just scrolling my camera roll in moments when I absolutely don't need to do that even when I should just leave my phone turn it off and enjoy the moment it's became to be my obsession, habit and addiction I always keep my phone tight and I always check it out few times per hour, now when I'm counting down my flaws and weirdness according to social media I feel so lame, even when I'm keep telling myself that I work in social media so I should be always close to phone and computer to be able to text back to business partners, readers or my friends from neighbourhood but it is just my little excuse to always checking my social media accounts.

First thing I do while I woke up is scrolling my instagram wall ( shame and lame ) and I do this few times per day it is so weird to just feel that hard need to check out everything what is going on in the internet. Well it is awful to do that and I worning you to see those bad habits according to the internet that you all probably have to, I decided to turn off my internet, turn off my phone and tv for hour or two per day just to take part in family activities, to read and do something just for myself it's first little step that I have to take to just make my life mine not social media.

Also I saw that most of the time on my little dates with Lucas or friends or family I always have phone in my hand in case that I will need to snap or took a picture. There are moments that are absolutely worth to save them but I learned that sometimes we should let go an enjoy the moment and save this in mind, Let's face it while you are on date with someone special you want to see smiles, face and eyes make a connection just imagine that you can't see the face of your partner just because he is holding a camera in hand, do you think it's nice while you share attention with devices?!

I have a few tips for myself
FIRST just think do this moment is absolutely worth to capture it at the moment?
SECOND thing is to ask your partner does he not mind to snap a few photos
THIRD look around Do you have a good light? Is it a good moment to snap things? Do you need it now? 

Those things are really helpful for me and I hope for you as well. The best way to stay safe and protect ourselves and relationship in social media is following your own safety rules, drawing lines and not crossing some of the boundaries.

Social media became my life sometimes much more then it is needed but I'm working on it also I know that instagram, snapchat and other sites are so helpful and fun! I'm so glad to be part of the generation who can see the world and get to know other cultures and people by swipe of finger. It's so easy to fall in this amazing world of other people creativity. It's so easy to express feelings and thoughts, it's so easy to get to know people around the world while you are on different continents. There is so many good sides of social media, there is so much love, positive energy, imagination and creativity but there is a lot of bad sides as well and we all need to remember that. Not every person which is following us have a good and positive reasons there is so much hate and mean words which could be so destructive for other people. Remember that social media can be natural habitat for both sides of humanity.

At the end I would like to share with all of you my latest fav video which I found while I get lost in youtube world. Lucas and I agreed that this is so true. Is it funny or terrifying?! ( so confused ) Check it out!

I will work to take back my life for my own and use social media only several times per day and use internet only in need. Do you?

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And here is gift guide for ladies! Boys let's shop this weekend!




We all know what is coming, so sooner this year I will share some of my gift guides starting from best gift ideas for him! Also be sure to check out gift guide for her as well.Have a lovely weekend friends and don't forget to shop a little bit!


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Holy guacamoli! 
What a suuuuuuunday it was?! I just miss those autumn days and I was thrilled today to be spoiled by sun, golden trees and positive vibes on my road all day long. After driving practising I was walking down town and I just felt so calm and peaceful, everything seems to be at the right place like puzzles and i just want to have this state of mind in my heart forever. Today was all about love and happiness and I been need this for a long time I just couldn't be more grateful. And oh there is another fun news about today I just need to share THIS SONG with all of you guys because it was in my mind by whole weekend hope for you it will be as well and for every another day because we all need to fall in love just a little bit everyday in something new. Life is just beautiful.

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Two of the most important people in my life was born on November 30th! 
Today my mama blow the candle on cupcake. 
I love you mama bird and I hope this year will be the best year yet. 
Make your dreams come true. 
Love you!


Week ago I was driving to school and I realize that there is just a week before Lucas's birthday and I felt so guilty and ashamed because I totally forgot about it and I just put it on the list "things to do in the future" but in the mean time there were a lot of things going on in here and let's make it clear after a few years together you just put some things at the bottom of your mind. Anyway I still remember how much we love to celebrate together so I planed a lot of things as the best girlfriends do obviously.

In honor of bloggers around the world and my best friend by my side I'm going to speech really seriously right now so let's start!

Lucas, you most annoying person in my life,
I just want you to know how much I appreciate to be by your side day by day no matter what, how much I love to kiss you and fight with you, laugh and cry also play in counter strike at nights. I just can't wait for another year of laughs with you. Happy birthday old man! I love you.

I hope you had a good monday friends and of course again HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCAS!

Ps. I put a little video abow to everyone who is interested what my life is with this creature called Lucas so check it out and gave it love! BYE!

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You may or may not see that this little blog finally got (I hope ) final update!! It's like a new beginning for another year of blogging. If you follow me along you know that last september this blog had BIRTHDAY! ( is it even possible to call it birthday while it comes to blog?! ) anyway I have love this journey so far and now I'm even more excited to show you some of little changes that happen here. Shall we start?

Let's start form new layout. After two years you saw a lot of different layouts from orange frames , balloons and other creepy girly stuff that take place here, to this beautiful in my opinion minimal, fresh white, black and bits of pastel colors place which you can see now. I'm a bit addicted to changes here and I love to see how much this site is growing day by day but I also hope that you all will like those simple changes as we do and you will enjoy of what we have for you in the store for longest while!

I change the look by my own but I have been inspiring by some of really genius warriors of design, website designers and bloggers around the world. But the best audience and supporters are you and for you I'm still trying to make this place more individual, different and simple to use. Thank you all for constantly reading my posts and liking photos here on in the social media you are all the best and I'm So glad to have such a support in you. Because of you I add some of awesome new sites behind the blog and obvious ABOUT site let's check them out!
For me that was the biggest deal, I have been working on this little corner for a long time now. I start form change a billion times photo then I add a box which is cooled 'Instagram' when you can see my latest updated pictures and you can go to my full instagram by click in one of them or just click in the title ( obvious I know ) at the bottom I add a little archives and yes you can say that there is a pretty not much stuff like for someone who is blogging by two years or more and you are right but I delete much of my old posts and that was the hardest decision I made if it comes to the blog. I was really disappointed by me while I was looking for my old posts because they were really boring, unuseful, copy from another bloggers or just crap so I delete them all and I left some of my old time favourites which you can enjoy right now by click in the link in archives it will take you back in time.
I was thinking about writing in english and polish and I have been trying to let my blog be more national but as you see it was fail and I left it like it was and I just will write in english but I will be doing something new and that's gonna be really international but more about it somewhere at the bottom of this post. Let's back to the point posts will be more simple and straight. I will be adding short posts with lots of pictures so it's gonna be more clear. ( oh oh don't forget about the details I also change the fonts of titles, posts and other that's in case that you were interested )

That was the funniest thing I have ever been working on. The biggest change on the blog is really clear Lucas take a big part in life in this place. SInce we have been together he was now abou this place soon after I told him I was posting more informations about him and when I was really clear that he is the one I was working on to involve him more in here. I'm nt absolutely how our work together will be look like bit we will figuring it out and since them most of the posts will be just still mine BUT I was generous and I create this little corner just for Lucas to add there his projects, work and other stuff he love. He have never blogging before but I hope he will love it as I do so far! cross your fingers for him ;)

I hope you will take around this place and you stand by to say 'HI' to my fav part of this blog. ABOUT was something was I have been working on for while and change a million times as well but now i'm pretty sure it's perfect and I love it so I hope you as well and maybe you will get to know us a little better. Also take a minute to look on Lucas face it's just hilarious for me ( is it creepy?! )
I don't have much questions now but I will add there some of the oldest ones and I'm waiting for a new questions that you would like to ask me or Lucas or anybody else. So feel absolutely free to ask us some random questions and stay tuned to my update in FAQ corner!
And here it is a little surprise for all of you. I hope you are prepared for more of me and Lucas and our friends and the city because we are planning to vlog a big part of our life and I hope you all are gonna enjoy it as possible and have as much fun as we have. We plan to vlog our daily life but also our travel adventures, I'm already searching for some new destinations so stay tuned also be prepared for a lot of hilarious moments and amazing people which we have all around. And I will not be myself if I do it as everyone do it so other surprise is a form of our vlogs you will see about what I'm talking about soon! I can't wait!
Hope you enjoy the new look of the blog and you like it as much as I do if you have andy questions or something is not right feel free to send me a message. For now it's probably everything and I hope I will see you soon! Bye!


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Hello guys!
As some of you know behind the blog I'm also a vlogger on youtube ( click here ) but after such a while I still do not have a channel trailer. Yesterday I saw an awesome trailer of one of my latest favourite youtube vloggers and I was so inspired to do mine. Well mine is not so good but my new motto is to do things as better as you have possibility to do so I'm trying to like my work while I don't have as good equipment as I want to have.

Anyway I'm here to introduce to all of my dear friends here my new video which is my youtube channel trailer enjoy and don't forget to tell me what you think about it, click thumbs up and subscribe for more.

Hope you have a good evening and I will see ya all soon bye!

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I been really busy this week so notes here or pictures on instagram was on the bottom of my list things to do and as you see they don't take my attention for while. Now when everything calm down and I have time for breath I decided to create a new category on the blog called "A bit of beats" once in a while I will share some pics from lately and my current activities and mood. Lucas is a big part of my everyday life so don't be surprised to see his pictures in this section as well.

Both of us are absolutely thrilled about everything what is on our way in next two months. I even create a calendar in my mind of things I wait the most. Stay prepared for lots of posts, vlogs and pictures of us because we are absolutely ready for December and January celebrations!

Starting from photo above which I adore so much ( just look at Lucas face he look so damn cute doesn't it? He pretend to hate it because while i took it he show me what dumb face a did minute ago " You looked like you have a paralyzed face I will show you" and he did and that's the result haha Obviously we spend most of our afternoon that day on looking for perfect dress for me. My friend form home town had his eighteen birthday ( happy birthday again ) and I was absolutely unprepared for that. Lucas stay home for this weekend because of his work so I was going to party alone. That wasn't as easy like it sound I spend an hour of the evening trying to get to know someone because I saw those people for the first time in my life, After time and few drinks I felt more friendly and I turn on my party mode so rest of the night was really nice. ( If you are wondering if I bought this gold skirt above I have to say no because I wasn't feel comfortable enough in so I decided to go in my old time fav which I bought especially for Lucas's birthday last year ) I didn't took any picture that night so that would be everything about.
Month back the three of us found one of the most climatic restaurant near our school and we decided to gave it a try the results you can see above those absolutely simple creations on our plates and banana smiles on our faces speaks for us. I love those easy going afternoons just for us girls I think no one understands me better then other girls and I always will wait for their opinions because they are life changing also there is no one smarter and funnier than them so our meetings are always on the top of my fav things to do after school. Girls I wait for another date soon!
I will not be myself if I not post any image of autumn in the city so here it is! one of my favourite spots for date in the best shade I ever seen. Lucas took me for a date month back and I even create a video of that which you can see by click HERE or just go on my youtube channel anyway I fall in love in the space also I wait for another date down there in other season just be patient for that I will share some of our adventures hopefully soon!

nd this sweet little puppy which belongs to Lucas's mother I love this little monkey even my allergy is not appearing by his side the funniest thing is that it's a cute little boy with a cute girly name Abby and I like to laugh when I hear this because this poor little dog is so gender now doesn't it?
On the left one of those pictures which are not very often in the internet if we talking about us. While volleyball game which Lucas take part in our friend took this photo and I fall in love only thing which I miss by this photo is mistletoe which you all know I adore!

If we talking about mistletoe CHRISTMAS ARE COMING you all know that there is never too soon to talk about christmas so here is the first post about that. I'm counting days till december before first star we will celebrating Lucas's birthday and pre-christmas party so here we go... Also some of you can recognize this little photo of my favourite smells of christmas which are definitely the best part of this season I took this picture last year and till today I love the same things and this instagram photo is still the proof
 Most of lately last by shopping, school and those lazy moments a like this on the right. We felt lately really tired so most of our dates looks like this or we have been just sleeping by few hours and I kinda love that and will do this over and over again
 Oh we got to this awful point which is really tough for me and I feel really ashamed about that, as you probably know I was trying to pass my theory driving test and I was trying to do that by few times and when I finally did and I drive for while I register to my final driving exam which included driving by the city. On the Friday 13th I went into the car and I was driving by half of hour and I felt extra confident till I have to park that was my last exam task and I fail by not turn on the blinker two times and I feel so dumb to forget about it ooh I feel so bad anyway I have another shoot next week so I hope I will be able to boast that I pass so cross your fingers!

If you noticed some of things changed on the blog lately and I love new layout ( hope this time for longer ) also don't forget to check out some of other new things on the blog and enjoy whatever you found!

It's good to be back here with bunch of photos for you guys there is a lot in common so stay tuned for more also I hope you have the best weekend yet and see you next time! bye

piątek, 23 października 2015


Being a student is sometimes ( most of the time ) a bit overwhelmed so we all need to take a break once in a while, I especially love those days when nothing is planned and everything is big adventure.

Today Lucas and I spend a whole morning working on his new project and I'm so excited that I can take a part in his work but I was happier then never while we drive to a small town near the city because he wants to show me really magical place. 

Believe me this town wasn't built in your dreams and I will never be back there for no reason but their nature and climate of the lake, those yellow trees, speaking wind and those sweet gentle kisses of my man made my day. 

I love autumn so far and I hope you enjoy this season as much as you can. If you have a minute check out my new video which I uploaded minute ago and take a part in this quick adventure. Don't forget to click thumbs up if you like and subscribe if you want to see more! Enjoy!

wtorek, 13 października 2015


That was the day of my test of mental strength. I fail my driving exam AGAIN and I felt so bad that I even stop talking to Lucas for more then two hours and I know I know I'm such a lame person but I was so mad at myself and those stupid questions grr I'm still pissed off but I'm trying to do something productive to feel that I'm not a total loser. 

When I woke up this morning I knew... I just open my eyes and I was knew that this day is not my day. There was much to do, much not positive emotions, fights that I will never be use to in summary I think that I should be sleep a whole day long and all of those will  pass away but... Anyway at least this day ended up well and I feel good right now, good enough to be back with another little video which I add below so check it out if you like and that probably is everything what I'd like to say for now.

Oh and I totally forgot mention something about those few photos above. Those are my memories in pill from seaside (more in the video) I absolutely adore them all there is a lot of smile, food and all positive vibes in them as I hope you see too. Just look at this view I had for those three days of my life! I wanna back so badly :'(

As I write in description of my newest little video I finally got some time to put all my videos from our few days trip with girls. It's our farewell to summer and now I'm ready for autumn for real. There is few hilarious snippets of us doing stuff like never before and it's absolutely best part of the video also my best memories form summer. Hope you are gonna enjoy as I while I watch and you will click thumbs up if you like subscribe if you want to see more also there is a little corner below for all your comments hope I gonna see you there!

Hope your day was better than mine and all is good for now I will wrap it up and see you next time! Bye friends!

niedziela, 4 października 2015


Oh if you could see my face right now...
Since I woke up this morning I'm so unproductive that it's even shocking for me, I'm trying since then to create this little post and I can't count how many times I deleted and write again those few sentences.

As you noticed I'm back, there was two months of my social media break actually I was really active on my instagram if you'd like to see but I take a break of blog and I feel like it was much needed for me and this space. Now I have so many things to share that I don't even know what to add first.
I decided to share with you some of my latest memories because they gets me enough to change a lot of stuff in my thinking.

Before I say something about those memories that you can see on the photos above I like to say something about this absolutely manic day that sunday was. I woke up at 7 a.m and that was heart breaking then I went to the gym but I felt so bad that I have to back home, I been trying all day to create something what will have any sense and I really really been hard working on my productive side but nothing works and those few minutes now are absolutely big step for me today. Anyway I been working on a little videos from my quick trip which I share with my schoolmates more about this soon...

1/ So let's start from my absolutely favourite picture ever and I know it's a bit selfish because it's myself on it and I'm in love but who cares? Lucas took this photo of me yesterday when we back home from furniture festival where I was looking for some inspirations anyway we ate those grapefruits in really weird way but I have so much fun with this also they look so cute that I have to pose with them and it made my day for real. Oh summer is still here when I look at this. Oh grapefruits are my new friends especially while selfie time! :P

2/ That was the first day when all three of us went from school earlier, yes that was bad I know but we just can't wait to finally start our girly weekend! We came to my apartment, I cook dinner and girls said that was good and tasty so maybe there is a chance that this whole cooking is going in good direction! then we made a SPA moment and prepare for the partyyyyy, we spend a WHOLE night in the club and I felt like my legs are gonna go by himself after and just die somewhere alone but no, I Just have soreness by next two days but that was worth it! PS how cute A. look on this photo?!

3/ Friend of Lucas got me a weekend job and look in how gorgeous direction I was, I live in this city for almost eight years and I don't know about this secret garden also notice that this day was so warm and sunny almost like spring so maybe autumn will never came and spring/summer season will last forever?

4/ This is an oldie which Lucas took while we spend a few hours in his family home and I have to say I love this shoot almost so much like this lil doggy that was somewhere there in the bottom of the picture I will show you all, Abby other day I promise!

That would be enough for now hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I wish you peaceful night!
See ya next time friends!

środa, 12 sierpnia 2015


I don't know what I want to report to all of you but yeah I feel the need to take a part in life of this blog. Recently my blog is such a empty space and duh you all know what is going on ... grr it's makes me sad that this site which is existed by me so far is slowly dying because of time that is going so fast. I'm still in hope that someday when work gonna be over and life gonna back to normal this space is grow and live as much as it could. So I decided that if I don't have much time for writing and being here or even do something interesting in life to report to you only what I can do is just think what I can do in the future. So I'm introduce to you some exciting stuff, for real me and Lucas are working on some vlogs, we thought that if I can't writing I can make a quick vlog of my daily life what means that you will see my private life from the kitchen like a making off of my life and blog.

Also we plan some weekend trips and traveling abroad in September so then we can show you something more interesting then our faces and simply life in the city. Lately I'm just doing my job which I pretty hate right now and I'm waiting to vacations get over.

City is burning this weekend and probably we all feel like scrambled eggs here if you know what I mean, there is over 104 F (WHAT?!) so tropical!!

Probably storm is above the city if you are interested but let's stop talking about weather and focus about the project that I'm trying to make live. Soon I will start work on fashion project with one of my favourite photographers and I can't wait to show you our work and collaborations with sort of my favourite brands! So stay tuned!

That would be enough for now, have a good evening and see ya next time friends!

poniedziałek, 10 sierpnia 2015


There is a new video on my channel if you'd like to watch, there is a few snippets of my weirdo date in corn with Lucas few weeks ago. I really enjoy those few minutes for us somewhere in corn where no one watching us and care. sometimes being really far away from typical life and civilization is the best thing you can do for yourself also there is so much fun when you know that no one is near you and you can be you! so yeah we was free and dance in the corn, sing and play like only best friends can. So if you like to know what i been doing in corn and what Lucas have under his shirt you should definitely check it out now ;P

środa, 5 sierpnia 2015


If you noticed that I wasn't here for a while I'm back and ready to go a bit. My absence was absolutely conscious it was hard to decide but my social life is limited to few minutes on instagram and snapchat in week so yeah I'm almost dead in internet life. Anyway today my dream come true and for a while I can be myself and do something on the blog, it's a miracle that I back home from work earlier today in my language now it means 6 p.m so I have hour before I feel so tired that I don't even have power to eat chocolate let's back to the point because I wasn't here for more then a 2 months for real ( 2 MONTHS!! ) so I have few snippets from lately. Let me invite to to see my summary of July. Enjoy!

Speaking about summer, ,mine means hot dates near the lake almost every weekend with the friends and Lucas and it looks exactly like on the third photo and then our eyes looks exactly like on the selfies above everytime when we have time for each other to celebrate holidays. Life is still good for us!
When we start holidays in school and we have few extra free days before work with Lucas we enjoy our time in the city as possible so it means that we saw more then 20 movies in the cinema, we been shopping and looking for sales ( OK that was my pleasure and my holiday addiction ) also we took a lot of selfies because hello! we are that kind of couple Ps. this selfie above is my currently favourite does it look like from photo booth of that's my opinion?

First or second part od July was insane in this positive way first we have tropical weather over here and probably the hottest summer ever then by whole week we enjoy the biggest storms and rainy days since I remember so yeah that was my kind of weather and I felt like in heaven crazy right? Because what is better then laughing in the rain while running home with your best friend?!
Also all of my friends divide themselves into two sections on work guys and lucky vacationers so my list of friends which can meet with me after work and their work is really shore so I enjoy every of my little date like this above with my bestie since secondary school. If you feel that I hate my job you probably have right but there is a few pluses of being businesswoman probably I will never met so many different cultures and characters then on those few months of work in business company so yeah there are pluses.
This black white photo on the right is here because reminds me that I have this extra cute fedora that is waiting for me and missing me in the closet right now.

My first real weekend of summer looks like on the right I feel like ice cream cookie in the cooker but that was fun to leave the city and enjoy this crazy weather with the friends while we picnic near the lake and sunbathing ( of course carefully ) also I found me most fave short jeans which are heaven and my ( probably still fashionable ) soft pink shoes which I bought year ago in spain.

Because I work by whole week for nine of ten hours I don't have much time for Lucas or the family that's when those few free hours and little dates means so much for me. Also Lucas is extra cute when we don't see each other for most of the week so this summer is full of love and kindness and surprise kisses that I love ( maybe too much informations but what to do when kids are in love? )
Do you understand what I mean what the weather?! MONDAY : blue sky with the sweetest summer clouds TUESDAY : Poor rain but at least still is hot outside

OK that would be enough for today my loves so see ya next time and have a best summer ever.

niedziela, 7 czerwca 2015


Last four days was awesome! and I truly feel that way guys, I spend my long weekend with the friends and my handsome boyfriend, we spend friday in the gardens enjoying the best sunny weather ever we felt that we just need to charge some positive sun energy to our bodies because this school year was just sucks.
finally I can tell that I feel really great and satisfied of life we have right now there is much to do I been keeping in mind by whole weekend that "WE HAVE LONG WEEKEND SO STOP WORRIED!" and I been try, Lucas have more problems with that but anyway friday no matter what was fun, next day we decided to grab some friends to our reddish car and go somewhere because believe me or not we had 86 degrees around here! so june jump in our lives right now and we just couldn't stop ourselves to spend saturday near the lake at the beach and let's be honest what would be better?
Sunday was lazy and full of typical actions Lucas and I back home, by whole afternoon I been unpacking and preparing for monday and that's clear and obvious that today I hate mondays more than ever I just don't know what to do next there is so many things that wait for me and I change my mind almost all the time so in result there is nothing done here and life just need to wait till I stop relaxing and my brain came back from beach to normal thinking about most important stuff and school ;) Anyway hope my post is not too messy to understand what I got for you today there is few photos from the weekend below ( most of them I take by my phone if someone is interesting ) + a little movie and yeah for now it's everything. Have a good evening my friends!

piątek, 29 maja 2015


Last month was like a rollercoaster but I'm good with that, my plan for may was to keep my camera everywhere to record every moment of the month. That's how my "Vlog life" project started so here is my life lately in one video enjoy and goodnight friends!

niedziela, 17 maja 2015


Hello and welcome!
I been tried to make this post sooner, to be honest I been working on this since march, but you know...

Ok, let's back to the subject few months ago we spend with the friends a whole day at the ZOO and we had so much fun during our date with the animals, actually that was one of those sunny days as much as it could be in march and that was even more awesome to spend the day in the good company in good weather and learn something more about animals. We had opportunity to talk about threatened animals and then we just walkin and enjoy as much as we could so we made that day fun and full of new experiences and adventures what more we need? So if you are interested check out below little video which I love so much ( Ps. If you like check out my youtube channel for more videos from my life and don't forget to click thumb up and subscribe if you want to see more :)

czwartek, 7 maja 2015


I had an amazing weekend and I feel need to share few snippets with all of you so here is my another little video according to some adventures I have. All of my videos are not what I like them to look like but I'm still working on it so stay tuned. Ps. don't forget to click thumb up if you like and subscribe if you want to see more.

wtorek, 5 maja 2015


We made a little film while we exploring the village near the city. I had so much fun doing a lot of crazy things with Lucas and I decided to share this with the world. So here is my first video on my youtube channel and I hope you all gonna enjoy! See ya later! Ps. Thumbs up if you like and don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more stay tuned and look for updates on my blog. xo

poniedziałek, 20 kwietnia 2015


Hip hip hooray! I still can't believe that we are already THIS couple with one year old baggage on us, I feel really blessed of each second we been together and I know there is a lot in the store for us in the future. 
With love your love. xo
Hashtag Blessed

wtorek, 14 kwietnia 2015


Well is a bit difficult to answer this question in one post I think but I will try. Working with your wardrobe is a really serious and hard business to do. Each of you know how it is to have a lot of really new and fashionable clothes in closet but still for you is nothing to wear. So here is few simple rules and advices to make your wardrobe your best friend. It would be really easy.

1. Decisions
Each decision comes from somewhere your could come from magazines, fashion websites, fashion bloggers or Tv, there is so many ways to find inspiration you can only walking around your place and see a billion ideas to make your style more your.
First thing while you looking for things you should have in your wardrobe look for something for you below quick list of things which define your personal style.
  • Fashionable or not don't buy clothes just because they are fashionable or bloggers wear them or Anna Wintour said that you should. Buy clothes because they fit to your body and personality. Check out what size do you have, what type of clothes looks good on you, choose your palette of colors ( while you choose focus on colors that looks good with your face and hair color )
  • The easiest way to create your palette of color. When you decide what type of colors fir to your skin type and hair color ( categories of color you can choose : cold or warm ) find 5 pictures of models and carefully look at them and decide what colors they have on and what you like most in those outfits
  • You can also by those 5 photos decide what type of style you love most and how you want to look like. Look at those models once again and check what style do you prefer ( Like a boy or romantic style, simply and classic or strong and colored )
2. Cleaning

Uff... Worst part behind us now it's time to look into your wardrobe. By things you know from first part now you can define your personal style so look into your wardrobe and carefully check each item in and throw away everything what is not in your style, it's too small or to big, everything what is from different era ( but took them in basement or somewhere when you always can find them you know fashion can back someday or you kids gonna have a lot of fun with your old clothes ) Get coffee turn loud good music and clean your wardrobe in three ways:

  • Throw away everything what not fit to your color palette
  • Throw away everything what not fit to your own style
  • Throw everything what you dislike
3. New things

Remember like I said that worst part is behind us? I totally forgot about this part of this big project SHOPPING we women have this problem with our brain that while we see sales we think that this is the best way to look good but not cheap but we are exactly cheap because we buy those things by half of price or more it's just heaven but NO. It's not heaven when you buy things only because they are cheap and on sales. train you brain and while you are at shopping choose carefully what you put in your shopping bag. Few rules and questions to yourself:
  • When you find something cheap and interesting check does this thing is in your size there is nothing more terrible than clothes which are too big or to small
  • Think does this thing will be good for your other things in closet, do you have something in what you can wear with this?
  • Does this thing fit to your color palette?
  • Is this thing in your style?
  • Is this thing is in good condition?
  • Why you want to buy this thing?
  • You would die without this thing?
That would be everything what I have for now. Hope this post is helpful and you enjoy as possible. Thanks for reading and see ya next time! xo

czwartek, 26 marca 2015


Spring comes with few changes. I chopped my hair, lose some pounds at the gym, bought a new fashionable hat ( and I feel like a model in ) and I made another photoshoot with my brilliant friend. So like you see that was a busy time lately but totally worth the pain.

Today's shoot became one of my favourite we spend a lot of time on making a good photos and for the first time we workin on a video of behind the scenes also my look from today became my fav Recently I try to refresh my style and I figure out how good I feel in my dark colors. We tried to make this deal as good as possible and I have to say that we did it great in my opinion. This post make my feel much better in my skin and I hope that soon I will surprise you with my new project and make you feel as good or even better.

niedziela, 4 stycznia 2015


We all know that we used to treat New Year like a time to do something with ourselves. I hate myself for treat my body so shallow and care about only this one time of the year. I believe we should be good for our bodys and minds all year round not only while holidays.

Anyway I had a moment while I thought is good time to take care about myself ( i have to say that i really really neglected my body while it scream to me for help ) So now is good time for practice a bit and eat more healthy ( yeah right ) for a person who is really addicted of junk food and other goods and joys of life it will be a 'little' problem but we will see how long this goal will exist.

So keep your thumbs up and wish me luck guys!

Ps. New year is also a good moment to started to work on really big project that I saw in my mind. Soon I will share with you bit of what I got. and what I made. Stay calm it's only few days!

Pps. Picture above is oldie favourite from New Year Eve

sobota, 3 stycznia 2015


So my saturday was really lazy and I can't over about that. I will miss days like this when school start next week! how it happened that I have only one week of freedom? Anyway I had some time so I watched all my pictures on my computer and I found this one folder ->>>

Few months ago Lucas and I create our comfort zone in my room and we build a simple fort. That was one of my childhood fantasies and I'm happy like never that we made this dream happen even if I'm eighteen right now.

We have so much fun and I truly think this is one of those romantic and totally crazy things we do together and I will always remember that moment. Yeah this fort looks a bit unstable and we don't have any space for each other inside but no matter anything that was our 'comfort zone' and I pray to stay there forever!

I think we gonna make something like this few more Times in the future I just can't over how cool this thing is!