niedziela, 4 października 2015


Oh if you could see my face right now...
Since I woke up this morning I'm so unproductive that it's even shocking for me, I'm trying since then to create this little post and I can't count how many times I deleted and write again those few sentences.

As you noticed I'm back, there was two months of my social media break actually I was really active on my instagram if you'd like to see but I take a break of blog and I feel like it was much needed for me and this space. Now I have so many things to share that I don't even know what to add first.
I decided to share with you some of my latest memories because they gets me enough to change a lot of stuff in my thinking.

Before I say something about those memories that you can see on the photos above I like to say something about this absolutely manic day that sunday was. I woke up at 7 a.m and that was heart breaking then I went to the gym but I felt so bad that I have to back home, I been trying all day to create something what will have any sense and I really really been hard working on my productive side but nothing works and those few minutes now are absolutely big step for me today. Anyway I been working on a little videos from my quick trip which I share with my schoolmates more about this soon...

1/ So let's start from my absolutely favourite picture ever and I know it's a bit selfish because it's myself on it and I'm in love but who cares? Lucas took this photo of me yesterday when we back home from furniture festival where I was looking for some inspirations anyway we ate those grapefruits in really weird way but I have so much fun with this also they look so cute that I have to pose with them and it made my day for real. Oh summer is still here when I look at this. Oh grapefruits are my new friends especially while selfie time! :P

2/ That was the first day when all three of us went from school earlier, yes that was bad I know but we just can't wait to finally start our girly weekend! We came to my apartment, I cook dinner and girls said that was good and tasty so maybe there is a chance that this whole cooking is going in good direction! then we made a SPA moment and prepare for the partyyyyy, we spend a WHOLE night in the club and I felt like my legs are gonna go by himself after and just die somewhere alone but no, I Just have soreness by next two days but that was worth it! PS how cute A. look on this photo?!

3/ Friend of Lucas got me a weekend job and look in how gorgeous direction I was, I live in this city for almost eight years and I don't know about this secret garden also notice that this day was so warm and sunny almost like spring so maybe autumn will never came and spring/summer season will last forever?

4/ This is an oldie which Lucas took while we spend a few hours in his family home and I have to say I love this shoot almost so much like this lil doggy that was somewhere there in the bottom of the picture I will show you all, Abby other day I promise!

That would be enough for now hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I wish you peaceful night!
See ya next time friends!