wtorek, 13 października 2015


That was the day of my test of mental strength. I fail my driving exam AGAIN and I felt so bad that I even stop talking to Lucas for more then two hours and I know I know I'm such a lame person but I was so mad at myself and those stupid questions grr I'm still pissed off but I'm trying to do something productive to feel that I'm not a total loser. 

When I woke up this morning I knew... I just open my eyes and I was knew that this day is not my day. There was much to do, much not positive emotions, fights that I will never be use to in summary I think that I should be sleep a whole day long and all of those will  pass away but... Anyway at least this day ended up well and I feel good right now, good enough to be back with another little video which I add below so check it out if you like and that probably is everything what I'd like to say for now.

Oh and I totally forgot mention something about those few photos above. Those are my memories in pill from seaside (more in the video) I absolutely adore them all there is a lot of smile, food and all positive vibes in them as I hope you see too. Just look at this view I had for those three days of my life! I wanna back so badly :'(

As I write in description of my newest little video I finally got some time to put all my videos from our few days trip with girls. It's our farewell to summer and now I'm ready for autumn for real. There is few hilarious snippets of us doing stuff like never before and it's absolutely best part of the video also my best memories form summer. Hope you are gonna enjoy as I while I watch and you will click thumbs up if you like subscribe if you want to see more also there is a little corner below for all your comments hope I gonna see you there!

Hope your day was better than mine and all is good for now I will wrap it up and see you next time! Bye friends!