czwartek, 28 stycznia 2016


This year belongs to this city! As a city of culture a lot is going on in here lately so few weeks back I went to city late evening to see the best sides of this place. 
So this unprofessional video made quick by me and my friend is the evidence we were too busy to make this video better we just enjoyed company and this city spirit.

niedziela, 24 stycznia 2016


Since I started using make up few years back I tried a tons of beauty products after years I found lots of my favourite beauty treatments and I'm using them everyday but at least I like to try new things and look for best beauty and make up products. I been trying those cheap ones and those a bit expensive. Here I will show you 6 of my favourite products that I found lately and love, now they are taking space on my vanity corner in my room. 
Starting from the left side...

1| Giordani Gold lustre loose powder. I been loving this powder from many years now, I'm using it only in special occasions like parties or anything like that when I have to glow. The powder is really pleasant to my skin and able to apply it on every type of primers. I love it because of glitter inside that makes my skin look fresh and glow but still natural and just a little bit shiny.
2| Wellness&Beauty body lotion There is everything what I love in this lotion, it's perfect for my dry skin it makes me feel moisturized but the lotion is not very sticky also it smell so so good! I love really soft vanilla with sesame oil the smell last for while and relax you so badly.
3| Luxe Oil reconstructive elixir is the best treatment for my hair which I ever found I just love it. It makes my hair look natural and healthy especially after I iron them. It's really oil so you need just a little bit of it and put it on your hair but the best thing is this absolutely gorgeous smell which last by whole day and night on you head I'm obsessed this product is just beyond.
4| Eveline cosmetics big volume explosion mascara This product I think is most popular of each I count here also is the cheapest one. This is best mascara so far in my whole collection I use it everyday to make my lashes much longer and to gave them much volume. I always have problem with my lashes because they are really weak and need extra volume and this product is perfect and give my eyes this sexy look especially if I add eyeliner.
5| Naomi Campbell Private deodorant Well we all need to smell well I hope so here is my way to go best product as we talk about perfumes and deodorants it smell really girly, elegant and natural also I feel so grown and sexy while I have this smell on. I got this from my mama we both love the Naomi Campbell fragrances and I this I wont change soon
6| Collistar gentle two-phase make-up remover I also got it form my mama and I fall in love it's really gentle to my skin and I love two phase system so far. I love that when I remove make up it makes me feel so moustraized and fresh it's really gentle and absolutely perfect for everyone it's not the cheapest product but it's absolutely worth the price.

It will be everything what I have for now stay tuned for another post bye!


czwartek, 21 stycznia 2016



| Official countdown |
Only 60 days before spring will be officially here with us. I'm sick about snow and freezing my butt everyday. I'm dreaming to finally can wear denim basics and light clothes, to finally feel sun on my face and get back with my black adidas neo. This casual set is all what I need now.

środa, 20 stycznia 2016


Today's breaking news ... My family is moving!

After such a long while, many tears and fights the project called home is not only a project but a living thing. I stood at the front of my new home and I can't believed it was looking like on those photos only few months back, now there is beautiful spacious home for the three of us! I will not miss our life in tiny apartment and I'm shaking while I think about decorating my own space. There where a lot of projects and lots of changes but the end result will be something beyond. 2016 will be absolutely new chapter for the family but I'm good about it. Now I'm welcome challenge of decorating this space for making this my own. Be sure to see more updates soon.

PS. Did you found those three absolutely adorable deers out there? those are my favourite neighbours

niedziela, 17 stycznia 2016


Listen to new JB song! - 'Perfect Together' - "I know I'm not perfect sometimes..":

Two weeks ago I posted my first 10 things post since then I found a lot more things that I want to include to my January list of favourites and share here with all of you. 

Since 2016 finally came I felt how much different this year will be and I'm in love in every change and everything what I been through in January. I still know that it's only beginning of one of the best year yet and I just can't wait for that. I realise now that I don't post anything about 2015 and I feel lately like a worst blogger and vlogger and I have to apologize for that. anyway I still have a lot in the store so stay tuned and we will see where we are going in 2016.

Let's ride with updated 10 things, shall we?!

1| OK let's take a moment and appreciate the coolest human at the entire world. I died every time I saw this video. Adele you rock! ( click )
2| Music is taking this blog for real now I will show you my biggest addiction lately. Please someone tell me just how this dude doing it?! Love the song love the video love Justin just in case you're wondering ( click )
3| This year my all time friend is back! this dude is in the city and rock it! Adore this time with him. This year will be all about fun when he is around ( click )
4| Crossing my fingers for Leonardo Dicaprio this year Is there is someone who deserve Oscar more then him?! Anyway I'm trying to find time to see The Revenant as soon as possible ( click )
5| I don't know did this guy is genius or crazy for the first time in my life I saw guy doing makeup professionally and I'm confused for sure this dude is know what he's doing ( click )
6| Secretly dreaming about this car and the place like in background where I can ride ( click )
7| Philip and I are counting days till the eight came out ( click )
8| I have been dreaming about this place by whole January and pray to one day in other year be there for real ( click )
9| In love in every little piece of this art ( click )
10| Because I didn't made a 2015 review post I made a little video and posted it on youtube if you wanna see just click below. Sorry for shaking hand and bad lighting but those are only a few little videos recorded by those two months in next one will be in better shape I promise!

poniedziałek, 4 stycznia 2016


Ok Christopher may not be in my bed right now in person and watching with me those beauties but at least I can watch them by my own and squeeze enjoyment like lemon. Is it sound weird? Even if I don't care, those images just made my day. I'm sitting in my bed right now drinking tea with milk with open mouth. One question at the end : what I have to do to get this beautiful black white dress from#4th photo? or entire collection do I have to kill someone?

niedziela, 3 stycznia 2016


I have pleasure to announce a new blog series called "TEN THINGS" once in every month I will share some of my favourite things that happened in social media, fashion and beauty world, my life and other things that cross my way. This month I will share the list sooner at the beginning of the month but in next one I will do ten things in last week of month. Let me know do you like it or comment some recommendations or even write to me what you will put into the list. who knows what will be in next ten things ( ?! )

1| Coming home was the best feeling this month and there was only one song in my mind ( click )
2| Jimmy Fallon made my week check it out ( click )
3| Dreaming about those shoe all day long ( click )
4| Waking up in this new bedding ( click ) was a good treat
5| If I could be healthier and more athletic just by reading now should be better than any fit girl on instagram ( click )
6| My 2016 goal ( click )
7| Made me cry every single time ( click ) *
8| Let's stare for a minute and enjoy ( click )
9| WHERE IS MY RYAN?! WHY?! ( click )
10| I think I have problem with food porn ( click ) also how much I have to beg to see sweetgreen in here?! I swear I will beg.

* Cover song by one of the most value singer in my eyes based in Poland. She sang beautifully emotional song called "Warsaw carol" to reminds us about those horrible days of war

piątek, 1 stycznia 2016

2015 | 2016

I'm feeling so damn thankful for 2015 and everything what it brought to me. I'm grateful for being healthy and loved by this year and I just can't wait to give my love and positivity back in this year.
I'm thankful for my family, friends and love for making this year so bright and full of happiness.
I feel like 2015 was the best rollercoaster I could ever have, I'm good with every fail and doubt.
I learned more and grow.

I can wait to experience more and laugh harder in 2016
Can't wait what upcoming year will bring to me.
Wish you peaceful and bright first day of 2016
and every other day of this year.

Kinga & Lucas