niedziela, 3 stycznia 2016


I have pleasure to announce a new blog series called "TEN THINGS" once in every month I will share some of my favourite things that happened in social media, fashion and beauty world, my life and other things that cross my way. This month I will share the list sooner at the beginning of the month but in next one I will do ten things in last week of month. Let me know do you like it or comment some recommendations or even write to me what you will put into the list. who knows what will be in next ten things ( ?! )

1| Coming home was the best feeling this month and there was only one song in my mind ( click )
2| Jimmy Fallon made my week check it out ( click )
3| Dreaming about those shoe all day long ( click )
4| Waking up in this new bedding ( click ) was a good treat
5| If I could be healthier and more athletic just by reading now should be better than any fit girl on instagram ( click )
6| My 2016 goal ( click )
7| Made me cry every single time ( click ) *
8| Let's stare for a minute and enjoy ( click )
9| WHERE IS MY RYAN?! WHY?! ( click )
10| I think I have problem with food porn ( click ) also how much I have to beg to see sweetgreen in here?! I swear I will beg.

* Cover song by one of the most value singer in my eyes based in Poland. She sang beautifully emotional song called "Warsaw carol" to reminds us about those horrible days of war