niedziela, 17 stycznia 2016


Listen to new JB song! - 'Perfect Together' - "I know I'm not perfect sometimes..":

Two weeks ago I posted my first 10 things post since then I found a lot more things that I want to include to my January list of favourites and share here with all of you. 

Since 2016 finally came I felt how much different this year will be and I'm in love in every change and everything what I been through in January. I still know that it's only beginning of one of the best year yet and I just can't wait for that. I realise now that I don't post anything about 2015 and I feel lately like a worst blogger and vlogger and I have to apologize for that. anyway I still have a lot in the store so stay tuned and we will see where we are going in 2016.

Let's ride with updated 10 things, shall we?!

1| OK let's take a moment and appreciate the coolest human at the entire world. I died every time I saw this video. Adele you rock! ( click )
2| Music is taking this blog for real now I will show you my biggest addiction lately. Please someone tell me just how this dude doing it?! Love the song love the video love Justin just in case you're wondering ( click )
3| This year my all time friend is back! this dude is in the city and rock it! Adore this time with him. This year will be all about fun when he is around ( click )
4| Crossing my fingers for Leonardo Dicaprio this year Is there is someone who deserve Oscar more then him?! Anyway I'm trying to find time to see The Revenant as soon as possible ( click )
5| I don't know did this guy is genius or crazy for the first time in my life I saw guy doing makeup professionally and I'm confused for sure this dude is know what he's doing ( click )
6| Secretly dreaming about this car and the place like in background where I can ride ( click )
7| Philip and I are counting days till the eight came out ( click )
8| I have been dreaming about this place by whole January and pray to one day in other year be there for real ( click )
9| In love in every little piece of this art ( click )
10| Because I didn't made a 2015 review post I made a little video and posted it on youtube if you wanna see just click below. Sorry for shaking hand and bad lighting but those are only a few little videos recorded by those two months in next one will be in better shape I promise!