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Hip hip hooray! I still can't believe that we are already THIS couple with one year old baggage on us, I feel really blessed of each second we been together and I know there is a lot in the store for us in the future. 
With love your love. xo
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wtorek, 14 kwietnia 2015


Well is a bit difficult to answer this question in one post I think but I will try. Working with your wardrobe is a really serious and hard business to do. Each of you know how it is to have a lot of really new and fashionable clothes in closet but still for you is nothing to wear. So here is few simple rules and advices to make your wardrobe your best friend. It would be really easy.

1. Decisions
Each decision comes from somewhere your could come from magazines, fashion websites, fashion bloggers or Tv, there is so many ways to find inspiration you can only walking around your place and see a billion ideas to make your style more your.
First thing while you looking for things you should have in your wardrobe look for something for you below quick list of things which define your personal style.
  • Fashionable or not don't buy clothes just because they are fashionable or bloggers wear them or Anna Wintour said that you should. Buy clothes because they fit to your body and personality. Check out what size do you have, what type of clothes looks good on you, choose your palette of colors ( while you choose focus on colors that looks good with your face and hair color )
  • The easiest way to create your palette of color. When you decide what type of colors fir to your skin type and hair color ( categories of color you can choose : cold or warm ) find 5 pictures of models and carefully look at them and decide what colors they have on and what you like most in those outfits
  • You can also by those 5 photos decide what type of style you love most and how you want to look like. Look at those models once again and check what style do you prefer ( Like a boy or romantic style, simply and classic or strong and colored )
2. Cleaning

Uff... Worst part behind us now it's time to look into your wardrobe. By things you know from first part now you can define your personal style so look into your wardrobe and carefully check each item in and throw away everything what is not in your style, it's too small or to big, everything what is from different era ( but took them in basement or somewhere when you always can find them you know fashion can back someday or you kids gonna have a lot of fun with your old clothes ) Get coffee turn loud good music and clean your wardrobe in three ways:

  • Throw away everything what not fit to your color palette
  • Throw away everything what not fit to your own style
  • Throw everything what you dislike
3. New things

Remember like I said that worst part is behind us? I totally forgot about this part of this big project SHOPPING we women have this problem with our brain that while we see sales we think that this is the best way to look good but not cheap but we are exactly cheap because we buy those things by half of price or more it's just heaven but NO. It's not heaven when you buy things only because they are cheap and on sales. train you brain and while you are at shopping choose carefully what you put in your shopping bag. Few rules and questions to yourself:
  • When you find something cheap and interesting check does this thing is in your size there is nothing more terrible than clothes which are too big or to small
  • Think does this thing will be good for your other things in closet, do you have something in what you can wear with this?
  • Does this thing fit to your color palette?
  • Is this thing in your style?
  • Is this thing is in good condition?
  • Why you want to buy this thing?
  • You would die without this thing?
That would be everything what I have for now. Hope this post is helpful and you enjoy as possible. Thanks for reading and see ya next time! xo