niedziela, 4 stycznia 2015


We all know that we used to treat New Year like a time to do something with ourselves. I hate myself for treat my body so shallow and care about only this one time of the year. I believe we should be good for our bodys and minds all year round not only while holidays.

Anyway I had a moment while I thought is good time to take care about myself ( i have to say that i really really neglected my body while it scream to me for help ) So now is good time for practice a bit and eat more healthy ( yeah right ) for a person who is really addicted of junk food and other goods and joys of life it will be a 'little' problem but we will see how long this goal will exist.

So keep your thumbs up and wish me luck guys!

Ps. New year is also a good moment to started to work on really big project that I saw in my mind. Soon I will share with you bit of what I got. and what I made. Stay calm it's only few days!

Pps. Picture above is oldie favourite from New Year Eve

sobota, 3 stycznia 2015


So my saturday was really lazy and I can't over about that. I will miss days like this when school start next week! how it happened that I have only one week of freedom? Anyway I had some time so I watched all my pictures on my computer and I found this one folder ->>>

Few months ago Lucas and I create our comfort zone in my room and we build a simple fort. That was one of my childhood fantasies and I'm happy like never that we made this dream happen even if I'm eighteen right now.

We have so much fun and I truly think this is one of those romantic and totally crazy things we do together and I will always remember that moment. Yeah this fort looks a bit unstable and we don't have any space for each other inside but no matter anything that was our 'comfort zone' and I pray to stay there forever!

I think we gonna make something like this few more Times in the future I just can't over how cool this thing is!