niedziela, 4 stycznia 2015


We all know that we used to treat New Year like a time to do something with ourselves. I hate myself for treat my body so shallow and care about only this one time of the year. I believe we should be good for our bodys and minds all year round not only while holidays.

Anyway I had a moment while I thought is good time to take care about myself ( i have to say that i really really neglected my body while it scream to me for help ) So now is good time for practice a bit and eat more healthy ( yeah right ) for a person who is really addicted of junk food and other goods and joys of life it will be a 'little' problem but we will see how long this goal will exist.

So keep your thumbs up and wish me luck guys!

Ps. New year is also a good moment to started to work on really big project that I saw in my mind. Soon I will share with you bit of what I got. and what I made. Stay calm it's only few days!

Pps. Picture above is oldie favourite from New Year Eve