piątek, 29 maja 2015


Last month was like a rollercoaster but I'm good with that, my plan for may was to keep my camera everywhere to record every moment of the month. That's how my "Vlog life" project started so here is my life lately in one video enjoy and goodnight friends!

niedziela, 17 maja 2015


Hello and welcome!
I been tried to make this post sooner, to be honest I been working on this since march, but you know...

Ok, let's back to the subject few months ago we spend with the friends a whole day at the ZOO and we had so much fun during our date with the animals, actually that was one of those sunny days as much as it could be in march and that was even more awesome to spend the day in the good company in good weather and learn something more about animals. We had opportunity to talk about threatened animals and then we just walkin and enjoy as much as we could so we made that day fun and full of new experiences and adventures what more we need? So if you are interested check out below little video which I love so much ( Ps. If you like check out my youtube channel for more videos from my life and don't forget to click thumb up and subscribe if you want to see more :)

czwartek, 7 maja 2015


I had an amazing weekend and I feel need to share few snippets with all of you so here is my another little video according to some adventures I have. All of my videos are not what I like them to look like but I'm still working on it so stay tuned. Ps. don't forget to click thumb up if you like and subscribe if you want to see more.

wtorek, 5 maja 2015


We made a little film while we exploring the village near the city. I had so much fun doing a lot of crazy things with Lucas and I decided to share this with the world. So here is my first video on my youtube channel and I hope you all gonna enjoy! See ya later! Ps. Thumbs up if you like and don't forget to subscribe if you want to see more stay tuned and look for updates on my blog. xo