niedziela, 24 stycznia 2016


Since I started using make up few years back I tried a tons of beauty products after years I found lots of my favourite beauty treatments and I'm using them everyday but at least I like to try new things and look for best beauty and make up products. I been trying those cheap ones and those a bit expensive. Here I will show you 6 of my favourite products that I found lately and love, now they are taking space on my vanity corner in my room. 
Starting from the left side...

1| Giordani Gold lustre loose powder. I been loving this powder from many years now, I'm using it only in special occasions like parties or anything like that when I have to glow. The powder is really pleasant to my skin and able to apply it on every type of primers. I love it because of glitter inside that makes my skin look fresh and glow but still natural and just a little bit shiny.
2| Wellness&Beauty body lotion There is everything what I love in this lotion, it's perfect for my dry skin it makes me feel moisturized but the lotion is not very sticky also it smell so so good! I love really soft vanilla with sesame oil the smell last for while and relax you so badly.
3| Luxe Oil reconstructive elixir is the best treatment for my hair which I ever found I just love it. It makes my hair look natural and healthy especially after I iron them. It's really oil so you need just a little bit of it and put it on your hair but the best thing is this absolutely gorgeous smell which last by whole day and night on you head I'm obsessed this product is just beyond.
4| Eveline cosmetics big volume explosion mascara This product I think is most popular of each I count here also is the cheapest one. This is best mascara so far in my whole collection I use it everyday to make my lashes much longer and to gave them much volume. I always have problem with my lashes because they are really weak and need extra volume and this product is perfect and give my eyes this sexy look especially if I add eyeliner.
5| Naomi Campbell Private deodorant Well we all need to smell well I hope so here is my way to go best product as we talk about perfumes and deodorants it smell really girly, elegant and natural also I feel so grown and sexy while I have this smell on. I got this from my mama we both love the Naomi Campbell fragrances and I this I wont change soon
6| Collistar gentle two-phase make-up remover I also got it form my mama and I fall in love it's really gentle to my skin and I love two phase system so far. I love that when I remove make up it makes me feel so moustraized and fresh it's really gentle and absolutely perfect for everyone it's not the cheapest product but it's absolutely worth the price.

It will be everything what I have for now stay tuned for another post bye!