wtorek, 16 lutego 2016


This weekend was really really intense in way that I wouldn't expect that. On friday my old time friend from my hometown came to visit with his girlfriend and spend the whole weekend in the city also they celebrate my nineteen birthday with all my greatest friends. It was a dream to have my all cool guys in same room for a while and because I wasn't able to do that in one evening my birthday party lasts for next two days haha

We all have ups and downs after less then three hours of sleep, celebrating and exploring the city but at least I enjoy my time with all those crazy insane people and for having my valentine for a while just for myself. This weekend was just out of this world and made this next chapter even more special and I just can't wait for another year of laughs, travel and fun.

I share love with all of those friends of mine, world and my boy day by day everyday for rest of my life just because life is just beyond because of those spirits. 
My Valentine's day last by whole year. 
Hope yours as well.

I love love.