niedziela, 20 grudnia 2015


In a meanwhile between preparing to upcoming Christmas I decided to blog about some of my old time favourite traditions and those new ones that I was celebrate with Lucas by our own by those years we have been together. ( 'I' means 'We' ) We just love Christmas so much, mostly I just can't sit in a place while december is in the corner. By those years with Lucas I learned how to celebrate them in our own style and I just love how much its evolution by years and how much fun we have over and over again year by year. It's so obvious that our Christmas never ever turns the way we plan them but at least we enjoy as much as possible every little change for example last year we have been planning to share gifts and we have been changing the date a million times because there was always something which needs to take care first anyway I still waiting for my last year ugly sweater for ugly sweater party with friends I been hoping to get but who knows maybe santa will came this year...

As well I hope you will enjoy this post as I do. Check out some of my favourite traditions below ( maybe some of those are yours old time favourites or maybe there is something you wish to try - let's do it )

1st | My old time fav tradition which I countinuate from many years is walking through Christmas market. I just feel like being there means beginning Christmas for real. This year I'm quite late and probably I will go there on monday evening with Lucas. I still remember my first time when I just moved here with my parents and I went with my mama to see the lights and the biggest Christmas tree I have ever seen, I still feel like a little girl while I walking through the down town. To my favorite things I can't imagine Christmas market without warm wine in special Christmas edition cups, kisses under mistletoe with Lucas and eating those warm pies with chocolate on top with nuts I just love it! I just can't wait for monday, this tradition is just the coolest!

2nd | Does putting decorating Christmas tree to list of my favorite Christmas traditions is just too obvious?! duh...

3rd | Charity. Last year We gave our breakfast to homeless in down town and we decided to do a one special thing every december This year we decided to put our names on donors of medulla there is big step form sandwiches to medulla and I still can't believe we did it Lucas is absolutely sure this choice and I feel absolutely good with thought that I can save someones live also I can found my DNA twin wich could be huge experience for both of us. Back to the point charity is good and we should be good everyday but on this special time, while Christmas let's share something more you don't have to be donor you don't have to share everything from your home just do something small to others even smile can be something special and make someones day. What a nice tradition to celebrate doesn't it?

4th | Christmas shows. My biggest dream is to see Nut cracker this Christmas and I hope I will, but for now we are addicted to watch "Ghost whisperer" and I love it maybe it's not really Christmas show but who cares that's our tradition and I love those holiday evenings while we just sit with tea and just enjoy this freaking old school and amazing show also Lucas just Love Jennifer because duh how to not love her?! Also like every year we will see "Home alone" well what a Christmas It would be without Kevin?

5th | Ice skating. actually this is activity I love to share with Lucas but usually we are on the ice for the first time in February but I think it is still Christmas tradition for us it is just continuation of celebrations for the next few months who doesn't like to celebrate Christmas till summer? For me Christmas could last whole year round.

6th | Singing Christmas carols which makes Lucas laugh.

7th | Smell of home. I don't know is it a really tradition but I just love the smell of my apartment while my mama or grandma is baking even smell of oranges, cinnamon and cloves is amazing. Then I feel Christams.

Happy holidays from us to all of you!