niedziela, 6 grudnia 2015


Holy guacamoli! 
What a suuuuuuunday it was?! I just miss those autumn days and I was thrilled today to be spoiled by sun, golden trees and positive vibes on my road all day long. After driving practising I was walking down town and I just felt so calm and peaceful, everything seems to be at the right place like puzzles and i just want to have this state of mind in my heart forever. Today was all about love and happiness and I been need this for a long time I just couldn't be more grateful. And oh there is another fun news about today I just need to share THIS SONG with all of you guys because it was in my mind by whole weekend hope for you it will be as well and for every another day because we all need to fall in love just a little bit everyday in something new. Life is just beautiful.