czwartek, 17 grudnia 2015


We live in times when social media are so close to us that sometimes we are not able to see the boundaries that we should. Many times I got myself on texting, snapping or just scrolling my camera roll in moments when I absolutely don't need to do that even when I should just leave my phone turn it off and enjoy the moment it's became to be my obsession, habit and addiction I always keep my phone tight and I always check it out few times per hour, now when I'm counting down my flaws and weirdness according to social media I feel so lame, even when I'm keep telling myself that I work in social media so I should be always close to phone and computer to be able to text back to business partners, readers or my friends from neighbourhood but it is just my little excuse to always checking my social media accounts.

First thing I do while I woke up is scrolling my instagram wall ( shame and lame ) and I do this few times per day it is so weird to just feel that hard need to check out everything what is going on in the internet. Well it is awful to do that and I worning you to see those bad habits according to the internet that you all probably have to, I decided to turn off my internet, turn off my phone and tv for hour or two per day just to take part in family activities, to read and do something just for myself it's first little step that I have to take to just make my life mine not social media.

Also I saw that most of the time on my little dates with Lucas or friends or family I always have phone in my hand in case that I will need to snap or took a picture. There are moments that are absolutely worth to save them but I learned that sometimes we should let go an enjoy the moment and save this in mind, Let's face it while you are on date with someone special you want to see smiles, face and eyes make a connection just imagine that you can't see the face of your partner just because he is holding a camera in hand, do you think it's nice while you share attention with devices?!

I have a few tips for myself
FIRST just think do this moment is absolutely worth to capture it at the moment?
SECOND thing is to ask your partner does he not mind to snap a few photos
THIRD look around Do you have a good light? Is it a good moment to snap things? Do you need it now? 

Those things are really helpful for me and I hope for you as well. The best way to stay safe and protect ourselves and relationship in social media is following your own safety rules, drawing lines and not crossing some of the boundaries.

Social media became my life sometimes much more then it is needed but I'm working on it also I know that instagram, snapchat and other sites are so helpful and fun! I'm so glad to be part of the generation who can see the world and get to know other cultures and people by swipe of finger. It's so easy to fall in this amazing world of other people creativity. It's so easy to express feelings and thoughts, it's so easy to get to know people around the world while you are on different continents. There is so many good sides of social media, there is so much love, positive energy, imagination and creativity but there is a lot of bad sides as well and we all need to remember that. Not every person which is following us have a good and positive reasons there is so much hate and mean words which could be so destructive for other people. Remember that social media can be natural habitat for both sides of humanity.

At the end I would like to share with all of you my latest fav video which I found while I get lost in youtube world. Lucas and I agreed that this is so true. Is it funny or terrifying?! ( so confused ) Check it out!

I will work to take back my life for my own and use social media only several times per day and use internet only in need. Do you?