środa, 18 listopada 2015


You may or may not see that this little blog finally got (I hope ) final update!! It's like a new beginning for another year of blogging. If you follow me along you know that last september this blog had BIRTHDAY! ( is it even possible to call it birthday while it comes to blog?! ) anyway I have love this journey so far and now I'm even more excited to show you some of little changes that happen here. Shall we start?

Let's start form new layout. After two years you saw a lot of different layouts from orange frames , balloons and other creepy girly stuff that take place here, to this beautiful in my opinion minimal, fresh white, black and bits of pastel colors place which you can see now. I'm a bit addicted to changes here and I love to see how much this site is growing day by day but I also hope that you all will like those simple changes as we do and you will enjoy of what we have for you in the store for longest while!

I change the look by my own but I have been inspiring by some of really genius warriors of design, website designers and bloggers around the world. But the best audience and supporters are you and for you I'm still trying to make this place more individual, different and simple to use. Thank you all for constantly reading my posts and liking photos here on in the social media you are all the best and I'm So glad to have such a support in you. Because of you I add some of awesome new sites behind the blog and obvious ABOUT site let's check them out!
For me that was the biggest deal, I have been working on this little corner for a long time now. I start form change a billion times photo then I add a box which is cooled 'Instagram' when you can see my latest updated pictures and you can go to my full instagram by click in one of them or just click in the title ( obvious I know ) at the bottom I add a little archives and yes you can say that there is a pretty not much stuff like for someone who is blogging by two years or more and you are right but I delete much of my old posts and that was the hardest decision I made if it comes to the blog. I was really disappointed by me while I was looking for my old posts because they were really boring, unuseful, copy from another bloggers or just crap so I delete them all and I left some of my old time favourites which you can enjoy right now by click in the link in archives it will take you back in time.
I was thinking about writing in english and polish and I have been trying to let my blog be more national but as you see it was fail and I left it like it was and I just will write in english but I will be doing something new and that's gonna be really international but more about it somewhere at the bottom of this post. Let's back to the point posts will be more simple and straight. I will be adding short posts with lots of pictures so it's gonna be more clear. ( oh oh don't forget about the details I also change the fonts of titles, posts and other that's in case that you were interested )

That was the funniest thing I have ever been working on. The biggest change on the blog is really clear Lucas take a big part in life in this place. SInce we have been together he was now abou this place soon after I told him I was posting more informations about him and when I was really clear that he is the one I was working on to involve him more in here. I'm nt absolutely how our work together will be look like bit we will figuring it out and since them most of the posts will be just still mine BUT I was generous and I create this little corner just for Lucas to add there his projects, work and other stuff he love. He have never blogging before but I hope he will love it as I do so far! cross your fingers for him ;)

I hope you will take around this place and you stand by to say 'HI' to my fav part of this blog. ABOUT was something was I have been working on for while and change a million times as well but now i'm pretty sure it's perfect and I love it so I hope you as well and maybe you will get to know us a little better. Also take a minute to look on Lucas face it's just hilarious for me ( is it creepy?! )
I don't have much questions now but I will add there some of the oldest ones and I'm waiting for a new questions that you would like to ask me or Lucas or anybody else. So feel absolutely free to ask us some random questions and stay tuned to my update in FAQ corner!
And here it is a little surprise for all of you. I hope you are prepared for more of me and Lucas and our friends and the city because we are planning to vlog a big part of our life and I hope you all are gonna enjoy it as possible and have as much fun as we have. We plan to vlog our daily life but also our travel adventures, I'm already searching for some new destinations so stay tuned also be prepared for a lot of hilarious moments and amazing people which we have all around. And I will not be myself if I do it as everyone do it so other surprise is a form of our vlogs you will see about what I'm talking about soon! I can't wait!
Hope you enjoy the new look of the blog and you like it as much as I do if you have andy questions or something is not right feel free to send me a message. For now it's probably everything and I hope I will see you soon! Bye!