poniedziałek, 16 maja 2016


1| My name is Kinga and I'm 19
2| I live in south Poland
3| I'm on third year in high school at operation of ports and terminals 
4| I'm working on being designer in the future
5| I am 5 feet and 4.56 inches tall
6| In my life I was moving probably more than 10 times but less then 20
7| I love exploring another cultures and places 
8| I'm working on travel the world for now I have been in Africa, Greece, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Canary Islands and several places abroad but near Poland
9| My dream is New york city, bora bora and Australia
10| I have one tattoo made almost year ago on my ribs ( lavender by the way )
11| Wish to have lots of tattoos and a few more pircings
12| I'm messy and disorganised person
13| I LOVE FOOD AND WINE I also love jellies, chocolate and fries
14| I watched almost 1000 movies ( or I just remember that much ) and less then 100 shows
15| I'm obsessed about tv I guess I should let it go for while
16| If I love something I can watch it over and over again
17| Once in a month I choose one song that I listen over and over again till it's dead
18| I'm obsessed with artists and people with passion
19| I hate being surrounded by negativity and hate
20| I love reading but I don't have much time for it
21| Yes I still live with my parents
22| Yes we are moving to our own big home
23| Yes I designed my own space
24| Usually you can find me in my pajamas
25| I cried at most of movies I saw in my life
26| My favourite season is Summer
27| I just hate freezing my butt
28| From months I'm trying to watch breaking bad
29| My favourite tv serises would be 'The carrie diaries' 'Pretty little liars' and 'Two and a half man'
30| I like watch such a dumb things
31| I love dialogues in BIG BANG THEORY and Sheldon obviously
32| I'm obsessed with shoes and bags but mostly shoes
33| My lipstick collection is still growing I mostly collect nude colors but I don't use them often because I forget that I have them
34| I wish to speak multiple languages
35| I wish to have long hair
36| I love sparkles
37| my favourite color is gold
38| I have a lot of mother's and grandma's clothes in my closed
39| Love retro style especially old fancy cars
40| I hate making selfies
41| I love watching Lucas while he sleeps ( freaking scary )
42| I'm working on being more fit and healthy
43| I freaking love avocado
44| I'm obsessed about tea with milk
45| I have the biggest collection of magazines in my room
46| I have a tone of books that are unread and waiting for me
47| I love plants by the way and I wish to have a botanical garden in my room
48| I'm obsessed with sephora I could literally live there
49| I'm thinking about cut my hair once again but I like those long braids
50| Every single day I'm creating, writing and recording I can't live without it