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Moving day is closer nad closer sad thing is that I will not be here when this day finally comes so I had to decided about all the details, packing and all that stuff sooner then later so here I go taking all my energy and strenght to somehow keep up with all of this. 

When my parents told  me a really few long months ago that we are gonna move to our home I was shock and first thing I thought was 'wow' second 'how my room gonna look like' by months I thinking and visualising how my space will look like and in what style I want to design it so I create just a few boards with all things I would love in my future space. So here is just a few of my favourite photos of things I want to include in my room and details that will make me so happy and relax in this space.

The best thing you can do at the beginning of the journey which decorating is decide what type of effect would be perfect for you I mean that you have to decide what makes you feel good in space, what you like, what kind of style and mood just suits you. I decided that I would feel like heaven in really clean but warm space where is a lot of white and wood. I tried to find some inspirations which shows a little bit of modern and retro style in same space hope it will be helpful for you if that's your style as well if it's not just keep looking internet is full of amazing inspirations for everybody, create boards of inspirations which will help you define what you like most in space.

Check out what I got and  tell me what you think in comments below!

Clean white bedroom:

I put this photo here because of my biggest dream which is king size bed in my bedroom, I have this size of bed now and I thought that I would have the same in my other room but I decided that it would be better to have just really cute couch at least I have this photo, second adorable thing is this flower which would be perfect in real life especially in my space.

Big above the bed is perfect!:

This space is not exactly in my style but I adore this effect of warmth in this space. Maybe someday I will grow to this style hope so.

Free your Wild :: Beach Boho :: Living Space :: Bedroom :: Bathroom :: Outdoor :: Decor Design :: See more Bohemian Style Home Inspiration @untamedorganica:

I fall in love in those shelves I probably will not find this type of desk but I hope to made something like this and put it in my closet for all my makeup accessories and all things that are not much needed in my living space. I also think about this fake skull hanging at the wall I like the style but I know that if I woke up in the middle of the night and I will see this I probably would die in a minute so I have to think about this twice.

a light-filled swedish home:

In here I love everything! I chose this photo because of this commode in retro style, because of white walls, climate and this strange feeling like I'm in grandma's living room.

Un fauteuil suspendu chez Broste Copenhagen:

This hanging chair is something I'm most excited to have in my room. I dream to read magazines or book while sitting in and watching landscape from my window. I imagine where I will put it and I would be really dissapointed if I not get that.

Also I think that I will choose some delicate details in the light blue just look how refreshing it looks.

regardsetmaisons: Comment rendre cosy son coin canapé avec l'arrivée de l'automne ?:

As you know if you read other captions you know that I will have couch in the middle of my room, I was thinking what kind of color and shape I want to have and the perfect one is this dark grey, really simple and natural texture couch from above if you find this just let me know.

Embrace The Collector Within | Free People Blog #freepeople:

The simplest, prettiest and absolutely perfect type of closet just hangers and clothes I'm fan it's easy and cheap and looks so good.

Basically what I'm going for with my own room. Simplicity so then you can throw in colours of flowers, bedding etc :):

I also decided to to have only simple details so all my lighting will look like this on the photo bulb is making the whole job and make this room looks so different, simple, natural and it's so easy to make.

Now you know what I'm looking in perfect space and I will make this come true soon and I will show you all before and after photos. Hope this post was helpful for you as well let me know do you like it and see you in the next one!

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