niedziela, 15 maja 2016


There is no fun in perfection.
sundays are my favourite. this is special time in a whole week when we woke up late noon we eat breakfast in bed while watching comedies in our pajamas. By last month and a half we spend every weekend together and most of them seems to look same full of work in garden, laugh with friends and family, planning another week and just normal life. Not everyday was perfect there was some fights and madness and lot of mess but that's what I called unperfect perfection which I adore so much.

For most of us those weekends where we are doing normal stuff like cleaning or watching tv is something so usual that is almost forgettable and absolutely underestimated but those small moments which we share together are something what I love and I want to remember most.

I will be in home less then a month now and I know that I will miss most those simple and small moments form everyday life like suprising kisses, smiles, my garden and talk with my loves, unexpected friends visits, even cleaning my tiny apartment or watching friends in tv. That's why I start to collect my favourite moments and enjoy those unexpected ones more then ever I decided to recording more, writing more and enjoy more to have my little piece of home while I will be abroad so I decided to create those little regular posts of things I love most because I want to have them in one place every time I will need to back to those moments.

Dear Sunday,

Today is May 15th, and I'm happier then ever because laying here in my bed enjoy peaceful moment with sleeping Lucas his little smiles by sleep everytime I kiss his forehead while writing this melt my heart.

We adore you sunday because you are always good excuse to sleep well, eat well and watch cartoons together all day in our pajamas sometimes talking about our little escape which our garden is.

I put some photos in here because while I will miss my home that's what I want to see and I want to smile like I'm smiling now and I want to remember every moment of this perfect lazy day as you are.

Your biggest fan,