czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2016


If you are a girl you absolutely understand this need and bless which wine is especially after hard day/week/month etc. Maybe because of wine I'm writing this post so... because I wasn't really active around here lately I decided to gave you another update of my life and some advices or whatever you want to call it if you are intrested ( give me one favour and have fun and laugh with me about this post )

Wine is not good enough to save me from frustration on my internet issues

I'm writing another posts which should be up as soon as possible so stay tuned

Remember do never forget to stretch after workout especially if you don't want to feel like old lady by next few days

Remember to always check twice what you are clicking on your computer because your all day long work will dissapear in a few seconds

I just got an email about my summer job and everything look well so if you planning to spend your time in Spain let me know :)

My kind of mood hope yours too CLICK

Thank good for translator and spelling check you know WINE is sometimes just too good

Ok I will go for another glass and I will enjoy this evening as possible hope you as well see you in the next one!