sobota, 9 kwietnia 2016


2016 is time for new challenges and changes. I officially said I'm moving and the date is closer and closer.  Since last year I'm planning and visualising how my place should look like especially that I will share my space with Lucas more then ever so it's another deal that is just a bit overwhelming for me now.

Anyway fresh start is something I love most, at the beginning I have so much energy and ideas I just can't wait to fall a sleep in such a beautiful space like in those above. I will not miss my current apartment and I'm so excited to get the challenge and create my small place to make this my own and Lucas as well.

New home is also a big excuse for me to put on the blog a billion posts and ideas about interiors, details and my style. There will be lots of informations so stay tuned!

If you have any ideas or recommendations about decorating a room space feel free to comment below can't wait for your advices!