czwartek, 1 września 2016


Days are passing through, there is only 21 days till I finally can sleep in my own bed, hug my favourite mug of coffee and miss this amazing place that I use to call home for a few months now.  I really love his stage of my life, after three months of battle with myself and others I found my peace and comfort zone. Everything calm down, I found the balance, my own rythm and I feel good as never.

I remember the day I was on the airport and I asked myself what the fuck I'm doing (?!) It's seems for me like ages ago I thought I put everything on one card and I decided to let it be and enjoy it. I couldn't imagine that I would change that much and my way of living, also I couldn't imagine that when I back home everything will also change. When you are so away from everything that you call life and is so important for you, time is not stoping everything is still going the same rythm but your perspective is changing your people are changing and when you back you are in different space and it use to scare me a lot.

I texted my mom few days back to ask her if she have time to talk she said "Sunshine I'm in Paris what happend?" I started to laugh it's my typical mama always on the go and then I just realize she is really in Paris, my daddy is probably finishing home, my friends are on another festival and I'm here in Spain away from everything what I use to know and love. 

But there are moments like this now, absolutely peaceful and amazing like a minute for me on my little balcony with mug of coffee, my blog and music just for me and this view on palm trees and most adorable city I saw in life when I'm just alone doing my own when I can be myself in my old sweatsuit, top knot on my head and sun on my face I just realize this is my life which I love, I think I dont want to back to my previous life, because my life is here this is my balcony, my view, my sun and my tiny flat where I wish to spend all my days under comfy blanket with someone special. Life is all about perfection lately. I realize how lucky I'm to be here and call it my messy life. I wish nothing more to press stop button and just stay here forever.

I know there will be more moments like this, new stages and new adventures but for now I wish to stay here in my own world which I create, I wish to stay the person I'm right now a little bit hippie, messy and absolutely happy in my new cool life. It's definitely my favourite stage of life.

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