wtorek, 9 sierpnia 2016



I know it's been a while since I was here for real and talk to you guys. I had really emotional and hard time in my life, but now I'm ready to introduce to all of you my story and new chapter in my life.

What I have been through?

I moved to Spain, I think this was definitely emotional roller coaster I just struggled with a lot of things, feelings and people but I can say that, it was definitely highlight of my life and I know that was the best decision I ever made. I'm happy here, I feel like in home, I found love, I met the best people at the world I work and I have fun. Everyday is new adventure and party and that's how I want to live now.

I spend last two months on searching who am I, what I like, and what I want. I'm on the good way to find the answers for now I just enjoy everyday, I left all the boundaries and lines. It's much easier when I try to live by my own. It was weird at the beginning to realize that there is nobody to tell my what to do, listen or watch over me. I like it now, I grown up a bit I had to find the ways for me and sometimes be adult and take the responsibility for my own.

That was good for me especially after break up I just needed to take my mind away from this subject and focus on myself and my life and I made it, now I'm ok.

Now I look for another apartment, it will be my 6th time for me moving on the island and that's kinda rough but I'm not happy in place I live now I just don't feel like on right place, I need my own space, my privacy, my comfort zone.

So many things in only two months crushed my from inside and made my feel tired and overwhelmed all this time, I was out of my body for a longest while, I tried to work, write or create and nothing was like I wanted so that makes me feel even worst in my own skin but now fuck it because I'm back and I feel better then ever.

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